Congratulations liu Shiwen!Guo Ping veteran with a new identity, Liu Guoliang gratified, Xu Xin partner to meet the transformation

Not long ago in the Macao championship, Liu Shiwen is a very outstanding individual results.First in the game, liu shiwen and partner Xu Xin rapid advances in mixed doubles match all the way, after got the champion, and weeded out Sun Yingsha in women’s singles semi-finals, won the women’s singles runner-up, the first 4 months to return to the international stage, liu shiwen with personal performance brought the ping fan pleasantly surprised, is also proved perfectly,To the outside world to show a veteran fighting ability.After Liu Shiwen’s outstanding performance, many fans also called on Liu shiwen to play more games, continue to add luster to the country, but also to create more good results for the individual.Some fans even thought Liu should have stayed on in Paris and returned to the Olympic stage after three years.But as a veteran ping, liu shiwen has not be carried away by this time the results of the competition, we see the game, liu shiwen win or finals loss to the Wang Man yu, she has been to convey a signal, that is his current strive to create more stress for young players, ping to help countries grow better, to do a good job of this inheritance.Liu shiwen, of course, also want to play more games, but apparently she won’t have too much hope for Paris cycle, can say thread jujube is very clear, under the condition of the rapid rise of women, their own exit has become an indisputable fact, so liu shiwen after the Olympic Games began slowly to accept the reality, she is ready to give young players to step aside, so in the New Year,For Xiaozao, while helping Guo Ping inherit, I really should consider some future issues.And once Liu Shiwen quit the country ping core position, this kind of future transformation has been inevitable.For example, Ding Ning, a member of the National Women’s Table Tennis Team, after announcing her retirement, she chose to pursue further education and went to Peking University to explore her second life and pursue a new life.Even Xu Xin, Liu shiwen’s old partner, became the vice president of the Asian Table Tennis Federation after the Tokyo Olympics, which is also a very obvious way of transformation.In the past few months, we have seen that Xu Xin is also actively involved in the promotion of table tennis, which is his future development direction.So it’s time for Liu shiwen to think about her future and open up some new ideas.In fact, after the Tokyo Olympic Games, Liu Shiwen had already made a new attempt, opened up a new field, and gained a new identity.Now, as we all know, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games has entered the countdown stage, the holding of this competition for us also has a very important significance.Many Chinese athletes are also actively promoting the Winter Olympics, and liu Shiwen, as the representative figure of table tennis, has also become a spokesperson for the Beijing Winter Olympics.And not long ago, Liu shiwen showed off her credentials as a special announcer for the Winter Olympics, which means she will be the center of attention in front of and behind the camera during the Beijing Games.So this is really a big attempt for Liu Shiwen.And for date fans, liu shiwen is very suitable for this job, both in image and personal affinity, so we really should be happy for Liu Shiwen this time.And if Liu is up to the job, then even Xiao Zao will be out of the game in the future.You can still see her.But also see Liu Shiwen cross this step, also let country ping chairman Liu Guoliang can feel gratified.After the Tokyo Olympic Games, Liu Guoliang always said that Liu Shiwen should do a good job in inheritance, which is equivalent to announcing her fate in the country, but for such a favorite player, Liu Guoliang certainly hopes that she can go better and better even if she does not play, and now Liu Shiwen has obviously taken the first step.

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