For two years in a row, the oil leak broke down, Buick Englang by mainstream media exposure

The Spring Festival is a time of frequent use, but Ms. Wang bought saIC-GM Bique Lang, two consecutive years in the New Year’s Eve engine oil leakage, the car can not operate normally.Such car experience, make Ms. Wang a vexed.The Buick Englang was purchased by Ms. Wang in October 2019.The car had travelled just over 12,000 kilometres when, on New Year’s Eve 2021, the engine leaked oil.After Ms. Wang contacted the 4S shop, it was not repaired until the sixth day of the first lunar month because of the Chinese New Year holiday.On New Year’s Eve of this year, the Buick Englang engine unexpectedly leaked oil again and was towed to the 4S shop on the fourth day of the year.”The oil spill was so bad that it gushed into the car’s front bumper,” Ms. Wang said.After only driving a new car for more than two years, there were two oil leaks, and both occurred during the Chinese New Year, which Ms. Wang could not accept.Ms. Wang said that the oil leak during the Spring Festival of last year, the 4S shop thought it was caused by the poor quality of the sealing ring of the high-pressure oil return pipe when it left the factory, and then replaced the sealing ring.Oil leakage this year, THE 4S shop still judged that the sealing ring of the high-pressure return tubing was broken.Ms. Wang continuous oil leakage of the Buick Lang.Source: screenshot of shandong TV’s life channel program.Complainant: Ms. Wang.Source: screenshot of shandong TV’s life channel program.So, Ms. Wang asked to return the car, and to the media complaints and help.She said the car would not dare to drive, the same problem twice, the car’s engine quality is also substandard.Accompanied by shandong TV reporters, Ms. Wang again came to Buick in Jinan 4S shop – Shandong Run tong Buick 4S shop negotiation.The 4S shop staff explained: “The oil leakage of this vehicle may be caused by torque attenuation.”Torque decay can be caused by temperature deformation, engine vibration and loosening.”But why don’t many other cars have this problem?And for Ms. Wang’s request to return the car, 4S shop refused.The reason is: according to the terms of buick brand three-pack certificate, the replacement of the return tubing seal ring is not within the scope of three-pack certificate.However, THE 4S shop promised to do its best to ensure the interests of consumers by extending the warranty to eight years and 160,000 yuan.In any case, the car broke down in the New Year, and it happened more than once in more than two years, which is really not reliable, but also exposed the problems existing in the product quality of SGM Buick.And Miss Wang’s experience, when the program is broadcast, has also been listed as a heavy exposure, to consumers to help and reference, to manufacturers to warn.

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