Picked up a nail gun hunting taojiang man suspected of concealed guns were arrested

The suspect was arrested and detained.Rednet moment Yiyang February 11 – (correspondent Liu Xu Zhao Lihong) Taojiang County Gaoqiao town a man like hunting, during the work picked up a modified nail gun for hunting after the collection, On February 9, the man was arrested, criminal detention by taojiang police according to law.On January 27, Taojiang County public Security Bureau Gaoqiao police station police learned in the work, area residents Hu Mou Hua has hidden guns suspected.Police after in-depth investigation found that Hu Mou Hua usually like to drive mountain hunting, because of illegal manufacturing shotgun was investigated.In early 2021, Hu found a modified nail gun on the construction site when he was working there. He immediately picked up the gun and hid it in the dormitory of the construction site. He didn’t take it home until this Spring Festival.After returning home, Hu dismantled the nail gun into three parts to avoid detection and put it back together for use.On January 28, the police seized the nail gun collected by Hu, and the nail gun was identified as a gun after the appraisal institute.On February 9, Hu Mou Hua was detained according to law, the case is being further handled.

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