The main content of equipment maintenance

Equipment maintenance includes cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, fastening, and corrosion prevention.1. Daily maintenance of equipment, also known as daily maintenance.Routine maintenance can be summarized as “cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, fastening, and corrosion protection”, which is known as the “cross-work” method.The inside and outside of the equipment should be cleaned. All lubricating surfaces, such as guide rails, screw rods and polishing rods, should be free of oil stains and uneven places, all parts should be free of oil leakage, water leakage and steam leakage (gas) places, chips and garbage should be cleaned.2. The equipment needs to be lubricated. Its lubrication surface and lubrication point should be refueled and changed on time, and the oil quality should meet the requirements.The moving parts and supporting parts of the equipment are often adjusted to make the matching between the parts of the equipment reasonable, not loose and not loose, in line with the original matching accuracy and installation standards of the equipment.3. Secure the device for maintenance.Check the parts of the device that need to be tightened and connected frequently. If they are loose, tighten them in time to ensure the safe operation of the device.To improve the corrosion resistance of the equipment and prolong the service life of the equipment, remove rust and paint the external and internal parts of the equipment that are in contact with various chemical media.

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