Third Gold of China Winter Olympics!Gu Ailing won gold medal of women’s freestyle ski platform at Beijing Winter Olympics

According to CCTV news, the Chinese delegation is the third gold!Gu Ailing wins gold medal in women’s freestyle ski platform at Beijing Winter Olympics.Gu Ailing, a first-time Olympian, scored 188.25 points to add another gold medal to the Chinese delegation at the Beijing Winter Olympics.Gu Ailing officially competed in women’s freestyle ski platform final.This is her first final in Beijing winter Olympics!Her first jump score of 93.75 was perfect!Gu Ailing continued her excellent form in the second round of women’s freestyle ski platform final, jumping 88.50 points!Photo source:At the end of the first two rounds of the CCTV final, Gu was 182.25 points behind Tess Ludd (187.50) and Mathilde Gremaud (182.50). Before the third round, Gu was sure to take the podium. She exceeded her limit with her third jump, which was 1620 off axis, which she had never completed before.International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach applauded.Gu scored a game-high 94.50 points (95 from 3 judges, 94 from 2 judges and 93 from 1 judge) with her third jump, raising her best score to 188.25 to win the gold medal.Freestyle skiing is the youngest event in the ‘Big Family’, according to public information.It originated in skateboarding and later expanded from snowboarding to freestyle skiing.Freestyle skiing big jump is one of the sports events of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games. It made its debut at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. It was held from February 7 to February 9, 2022, and won one gold medal for men and one gold medal for women.The athlete slides down a slope nearly 50 meters high, sliding either smoothly or backwards, and then leaps at the end of the slope, performing a combination of flips, twists and grabs.The platform is divided into four parts, namely, the sliding area, the starting platform, the landing slope and the finishing area.Athletes start from the sliding area of more than 40 meters, jump into the air and land on the landing slope after a set of aerial movements, which is a test of athletes’ ability to observe and control themselves. The judges give a comprehensive score according to the difficulty of movement, completion of movement, grasping board and fluency.During the competition, the skier, without any external help, slides from the starting platform, gets high speed on the slide, flies out from the end of the platform, leans forward with the skis at an acute Angle, flies in the air along a parabola, and finally lands on the hillside.Judges score athletes based on distance and perfection of movement.Source: National Business News Integrated CCTV news, public information source: National Business News original title: Gu Ailing, gold medal!Difficult third jump extreme reversal, the highest score of 94.5 points, Bach cheers!

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