Watch Athens has teamed up with watchmaker Ludwig Okerlin to launch a sequel to his astronomy trilogy

February 1, 2022 — At the beginning of the Lunar New Year, Swiss premium watchmaking brand Ulysse Nardin Athens watches, with extraordinary design interpretation of the brand has a deep technical heritage of astronomical complex functions, the new launch of the Blast Moon Fantasy world time watch.Continuing the Blast series’ geometric case design, the new masterpiece takes astrochronometers on a new interstellar Odyssey with a reimagined watchmaking mechanism that faithfully recreates the sun’s orbit and the moon’s cycle as seen from the Earth.A sequel to watchmaker Ludwig Oechslin’s astronomy trilogy, written nearly 40 years ago, this latest Blast is a modern and intuitive look at the workings of the astronomical world, a romantic poetry of the universe.”I’m glad that the chronometers and chronometers I’ve built will make people think about their place in the universe, or realize that we humans are not the center of the world.”Ludwig Okerlin’s new Blast Moon Fantasy watch recreates the sun’s orbit, moon’s trajectory, and tidal display from the earth’s surface.In order to perform the dance of the sun and moon in a straightforward and poetic way, the watch uses a geocentric display design, even if you don’t know anything about astronomy, you can see it directly.The vast and brilliant starry sky is the map for navigators to guide their orientation, the romantic sustenance of lovers, and the ancient basis for human civilization to calculate the time calendar.When we stand on the surface of the earth and look up at the dance of the moon, the earth seems always to be at the center of the universe, with the sun and moon rising and falling, day and night and seasons changing.And the dance of the sun and moon holds secrets that only an observant astronomer can crack.As early as the Bronze Age, observatories had been established to develop calendars accurate to the sky based on astronomical observations.Through painstaking research, astronomers of all ages have understood the laws in the vast sky.”Why make astronomical tables?Because the laws of the universe can be revealed mechanically, and thus revealed on the dial.Capturing the flow of time is the watchmaker’s art;Free from time is the philosopher’s art.The Athens Blast Moon Fantasy not only captures time, but more importantly, it allows your imagination to fly effortlessly.”Ludwig Okerlin The Magic of Astronomy “The sun can create life, or it can destroy it.The moon controls the rise and fall of the tides, and inspires people’s musical ideas and dreams at night.”Ludwig Okerlin Like all watches with detailed astronomical displays, the Blast Of the Moon is like condensing the massive tower clocks of the bustling towns of the late Middle Ages into a single square inch.The watch continues the design of traditional astronomical instruments. The information display is clear and easy to read. The internal mechanical structure is sophisticated and can simultaneously display the different times of the 24 time zones established by the International Longitude Conference in Washington in 1884.By pressing the button on the left side of the case, you can switch the main display time zone forward or backward by the hour.The watch also features sophisticated moon phases. The moon symbol on the dial can show the bright side of the moon facing the sun in real time, making the dial more vivid.By presenting the romantic and dreamy phases of the moon from a scientific point of view, wristwatches will become a favorite of the chronometer seekers and a practical tool for maritime explorers.Since its inception in 1846, Athens watch has had an indissoluble relationship with navigators.The watch’s unobtrusive display allows navigators to simply watch the sun and moon move in their respective elliptical orbits.When it aligns with earth, it can predict the date of spring tides at a glance.Placing humans at the center of the universe continues Ludwig Okerlin’s astronomical trilogy, which began in 1985. The new Blast Moon Fantasy watch is designed not based on Copernican’s heliocentric theory, but from the perspective of The Earth, so that those of us living on Earth can more directly observe the wonders of the sky.In order to let people look at the watch can deeply feel as if in the center of the universe, designers and Ludwig Okering master decided to see from the North Pole over the northern hemisphere world map, as the center of the sapphire crystal glass table mirror.In order to enhance the three-dimensional effect, the earth disk is designed in a domed shape, with microcarving techniques to represent the continental pattern observed from the North Pole. It is protected by sapphire crystal glass. The 18K rose gold ring on the outer ring is engraved with a 31-day date scale, and a small triangular pointer coated with fluorescent material indicates the date.Universal time – Dual time Zones Under the three-dimensional Earth symbol, the two sliding hands show Blast’s precision and modern aesthetic design style.The pointer is in the shape of a gradually narrowed sword, which is easy to read at a glance. The middle part is coated with sufficient luminous material, so that the time can be clearly identified even in complete darkness.The pointer generally indicates the local time of the wearer’s time zone, but can also be used to display the time of the wearer’s choice of another time zone in any of the 24 time zones.The fixed outer ring of the dial is marked with the names of cities representing the 24 time zones.The watch comes with an ingenious patented dual-time zone fast adjustment that allows you to adjust the time zone forward or backward by pressing two rectangular buttons on the left side of the case.The design of this universal time feature is simple and intuitive, making it very useful for travelers across time zones.In addition, the watch is also equipped with sophisticated astronomical complex functions.Earth under the perspective of the star “waltz” in building the fancies of wrist watch, was designed in the 1980 s extraordinary complex astronomical wrist Ludwig’s Dr Franklin and Athens table team unanimously agreed that the design should avoid the complex, try to use simple but elegant, concise display mode, can make everyone a snapshot of the secrets of the object operation.The final product certainly achieves this ambitious goal.The 45mm diameter chronometer is made of black ceramic and black DLC coated titanium, paired with crocodile-skin and velvet or rubber straps, also in black.The gold and sand dial is like a starry night sky, against which the central hand tells the time clearly and easily.In addition, the time around the world can be read based on the names of global cities marked on the fixed outer ring of the dial and the corresponding time markers on the rotating disk (where the 12-point scale is replaced by a solar embossed symbol).The watch is also equipped with a dual-time zone fast adjustment device. By pressing two buttons on the left side of the middle case, you can switch the main display time zone by hour. The time of a specific country is displayed on the dial, while the current time of the previous display time zone can be read in the corresponding reference city.This functional watch also has a lunar window, which visually shows the phases of the moon by changing the relative position between the lunar symbol and the stereoscopic solar symbol at 12 o ‘clock on the reference time zone display panel.The precision Lunar Phase team recreated the elliptical lunar orbit on the dial.For practical reasons, the lunar orbital plane is set to be in the same plane as the Ecliptic plane of the Earth, and the circular lunar window is placed at apogee of the orbit.Windows plate connected to a complicated gear train, drive the moon sign complete rotation circle, every day to make it to the side to show the bright surface of the sun, at the same time every 29 days 12 hours and 41 minutes 9.3 seconds along the dial around a week – this is a change in the phases of the moon a complete cycle, also known as the “lunar month” (actual astronomical cycles for 29 days, 12 hours and 44 minutes 2.9 seconds).In order to accurately display the phases of the moon, the lunar window disk rotates 1/29.53 times every 24 hours along the lunar orbit, showing the change in position relative to the sun. Every lunar phase cycle (29.53 days) goes around the dial once.At the same time, the moon logo in the mobile window will also show changes in light and shade as the lunar calendar progresses.When the lunar symbol appears in the window, its position relative to the sun remains unchanged for 24 hours.The sun logo is made of bronze and pyroxene, and is vividly presented in relief.The rare pyroxene has a golden surface dotted with dark spots, representing the spots seen through telescopes on the sun’s surface.The dial shows the sun moving around the Earth from the perspective of the Earth, while in reality, the Earth is attracted by the sun’s gravity and revolves around the sun.The watch’s lunar phase function is precise, with an error of only one day every 40 years.The elliptical disc representing the moon’s orbit around the Earth is marked with a lunar age scale.This masterpiece not only brings our solar system to life in the vastness of the universe in a charming design full of original ingenuity, but it is also extremely practical.The watch looks complicated, but it’s actually easy to read and adjust. All the time information can be adjusted through the crown on the chain.After setting all necessary information, including reference city time, local time and date, the wearer wears the watch on the wrist, and the brand’s self-produced UN-106 automatic chain movement can accurately drive all display functions.Sand and gold: It’s not just the stars of the ‘accidental’ universe that seem to be scattered randomly across the sky, but the gold particles that sparkle like stars on the beautiful black mineral dial of the Blast Moon Fantasy watch are anything but random.According to legend, in the 13th century, Murano Island (Murano) in Venice, Italy, a craftsman accidentally threw copper chips into a furnace of molten glass, and accidentally created the placer gold stone. Its Italian name “Aventurina” means “accident”.The ore, born by a beautiful accident, made the dials sparkle like the stars a sailor sees on the sea.

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