XGP players cannot play the full crossFire X campaign mode

Crossfire X goes on sale next week.In addition to the multiplayer mode produced by Smilegate, the game also includes a single-player campaign mode produced by Remedy Entertainment.When the game launches, there will be two main actions in the campaign mode: “Operation Catalyst” and “Ghost Action”.However, Xbox Game Pass players can’t get the full experience on the subscription service.According to the game’s official Twitter account, only “Action Catalyst” will be available for XGP players.Meanwhile, the game is now available for pre-loading, and there are three pre-order packs available for players to choose from, either one of the actions or all of them.In the preview, the media gave a mixed reception to Operation Catalyst, wondering whether the final product was worth the money.Unlike previous games where you buy a single player campaign and get multiplayer, here you buy multiplayer and then you need to buy single-player campaign DLC.Once the game hits the market, we’ll see if this model works.Crossfire X will be available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on February 10th.

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