Zhengzhou Jimei plastic surgery exposure become beautiful road you deserve

A higher nose, a higher chin, a smaller face…There are many kinds of beautiful looks, but we always want our faces to be more delicate and full.Review each path belle, although everybody is beautiful each have strengths and weaknesses, but mostly some common characteristic, that is outline fluent natural, facial features stereo, facial full, skin is exquisite.Minimally invasive shaping with fast effect and good effect has become the preferred choice for more and more people seeking beauty.In many hyaluronic acid, botox and other minimally invasive products, “Moisten the day” through the siege, won a large number of beauty seekers.What is daytime osmosis?Different from traditional hyaluronic acid, it is a product that can promote collagen regeneration. It is known as “liquid prosthesis” and approved by NMPA(National Drug Administration).Moistening your skin during the day can help shape and brighten your shape and make the filling area shine with its own highlights.Unique product advantages as a compound injection regenerative material, daytime make it has the characteristics of filling molding, collagen regeneration, not easy to shift, transparent, comfortable and so on.Own colloid cohesion to meet the strong supportive parents microspheres to satisfy the high viscosity hyaluronic acid to meet the immediate filling effect of autologous collagen synthesis, not easy displacement phenomenon appear SDAM technology to make uniform distribution of microspheres, there will be no swelling properties of ivory – does not cause the emergence of the phenomenon of pervious to light “day speech &drama make”Joined the composition of the pain to a significant increase in the injection of comfort during the day speech &drama make the core material of PLLA – PEG and its metabolites of lactic acid, after injection of the human body can activate collagen regeneration, can supply organizations in situ sag, repair aging skin soft tissue, but also enhance the skin elasticity and gloss, carry bright color of skin, repair aging effect of the organization.5A medical plastic surgery institutions + professional doctors + good products during the day so that not only play a filling role, the regeneration material can stimulate their own fibroblasts to secrete collagen, can achieve overall facial rejuvenation.When using it, it tests the aesthetic taste of doctors, considering the proportion aesthetic feeling of facial features of doctors, and for different beauty seekers, the amount of injection is strictly controlled.Zhengzhou jimei medical hairdressing hospital authorized to make institutions designated injection during the day speech &drama, jimei minimally invasive chief technical director yonghua was named “during the day to make injection physician” speech &drama, security responsibility plastic beauty, in the security become beautiful, healthy beautiful road, zhengzhou jimei continuously study, designed to provide a better service for beauty, the road to higher quality become beautiful;

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