Give everything you have!Fuxin provides shenyang with 70 percent of its daily production of vegetables

Source: People’s Daily Online – Liaoning channel “Real happiness!””The happiness is through the roof!””I was touched when I received vegetables from my hometown.”…On the afternoon of April 8, the owners of evergrande Binjiang Left Bank community in Hunnan District, Shenyang, were covered with boxes of fresh vegetables.The vegetables provided by Fuxin weigh about 15 jin and include green peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, tomatoes, Chinese cabbage and melon.At 10 am today, a truck loaded with more than 50 tons of fresh vegetables arrived in Shenyang after five and a half hours from Fuxin. The vegetables will mainly be provided to people in the quarantined area.In fact, Fuxin is not a major vegetable producing area, with daily vegetable production of more than 70 tons. The first batch of vegetables delivered to Shenyang is more than 70 percent of the local daily vegetable production. Fuxin is expected to provide a total of 75 tons of fresh vegetables to Shenyang.Follow the truck came to shenyang together of fuxin city development and reform commission related comrade, said in shenyang city and fuxin city is counterpart aid, shenyang have support for fuxin 21 years in a row, the fuxin municipal party committee, municipal government highly concern and focus on the developments of shenyang, today we emergency deployment to the vegetables, to express the fuxin city people and shenyang people’s this kind of deep and sincere friendship,It is hoped that Shenyang will overcome the epidemic and resume economic and social development as soon as possible.The transport driver said: “we are more than one o ‘clock in the morning began to load, more than four o ‘clock from Fuxin departure, especially to Shenyang, toll station and traffic police comrades special cooperation, so that we can successfully complete the task.I am a little tired now, but I hope that through our efforts, Shenyang can make a contribution to overcoming the epidemic as soon as possible.Su Chang, secretary of caixia Community in Hunnan District, said: “The vegetables will greatly relieve the pressure on people’s food baskets in the restricted areas.I think we have not only received the love from the people of Fuxin, but also felt the determination of the people of Fuxin and shenyang to fight the epidemic together.”

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