How to do 315 public opinion monitoring?

The annual 315 is coming tomorrow. Recently, there are often a lot of 315 news reports on the Internet.For example, the following several messages spread hot on the network today.Recently, Ms Wu, a citizen of Changji, Xinjiang, broke the news to Blue Whale Finance that she went to the Industrial and Commercial Bank for the bank savings card, but the staff opened a securities account for her without her knowledge.On March 11, the deputy head of the branch told Blue Whale finance that the bank staff would only open securities accounts for customers with their consent.When Blue Whale finance questioned why the bank staff did not tell customers the purpose of this business and handled it when the customers did not know about it at all, the vice president said that the current situation is not clear, and will further check and strengthen management.After users set up rights protection groups, sent lawyers’ letters and media exposure, Xinhua News Agency also reported on weima’s power lock.According to Xinhua News Agency, the owner of the founder version of the EX6 PLUS, recently found that the degree of charging and the car is not the same, the owner of the Wima EX5 range of 400 km, the normal driving discount range is 200 km, currently only 120 km, are to do after-sales maintenance after the change.Some netizens have reported drinking live cockroaches in Starbucks drinks.In response, Starbucks said that after investigation, it was confirmed that the customer ordered drinks through a third-party delivery platform on March 10, and the customer service of the platform promptly communicated with the customer after receiving relevant complaints.After learning of the customer’s situation on the same day, Starbucks immediately obtained the surveillance video of the relevant store. Upon verification, the store partner made the drink strictly in accordance with the operating procedures and specifications of the drink, and used the disposable sealing and leakproof packaging specially designed for takeout.At the same time, the store has a complete eradication record, and Starbucks immediately invited a third-party pest service company to conduct a field inspection on March 10 and 11, and conducted a thorough inspection of related equipment, and found no related pest problems.There are also some false voices, which does not rule out malicious attacks from competitors.Therefore, some enterprises become nervous, worrying about what negative news will damage their brand image, damage the interests of the enterprise, so there is a demand for 315 public opinion monitoring.Therefore, zhonghui Technology provides the following solutions for 315 public opinion monitoring for your reference.1. Establish a high-quality news and public opinion monitoring team.In the Internet era of highly free speech, everyone is our media and everyone can speak. It is inevitable for enterprises to encounter 315 public opinions.Through the establishment of high-quality news and public opinion monitoring team, enterprises can timely pay attention to Internet trends, quickly carry out negative news and public opinion query work, collect 315 news reports related to enterprises, and ensure that negative public opinion can be dealt with in a timely manner.The specific personnel composition can be selected from the corporate brand, public relations or marketing staff, or can be directly recruited.2. Choose a news and public opinion monitoring company with excellent technology.J. of hunan science and technology co., LTD focus on services for the enterprise to provide Internet information mining, has a professional technical team, with large data of data monitoring and analysis of a large number of the Internet, help enterprise to get rid of the Internet information collected, for the enterprise users with public opinion monitoring, surveillance is negative, competitive products, monitoring, dynamic monitoring, industry executives image monitoring, etc.3. With the help of professional news public opinion monitoring system.With pegatron think-tank professional news public opinion monitoring system, can help enterprise comprehensive monitoring related brand and image, products, services, after-sales service reputation, whether in the news media, social media or mainstream portal website, BBS, blog, WeChat public platform, such as 7 * 24 hours can be real-time monitoring, allowing you to quickly understand the Internet about the sounds of the enterprise,And can automatically identify and timely alarm to users, to help enterprises smoothly deal with 315 negative/breaking news public opinion.

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