Protect thousands of peace | north of the city: public in front of Ann

Year is the taste of reunion, year is the atmosphere of home.But there is such a group of people, they did not choose to go home, no family reunion, they shuttle in the lights, rooted in the vast sea of humanity, a public in front, Ann after the dedication team, bear in mind the purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, they are – the people’s police.Selflessness in the former national stability in this year is my first year as an auxiliary police staff, the public security work is not so easy, I thought terrible handsome uniforms are not only all the “long”, as an auxiliary police grassroots police station of the working team, to assist the police to complete daily JieChuJing, jurisdiction case processing, mediation in disputes, resolve disputes and other basic work.Suddenly to the last day of the year, also ushered in the Traditional Festival of the Chinese nation – The Spring Festival, this should be everyone busy for a whole year, began to repair the day, this should be a whole year wandering outside, and family reunion day.But we are different. Near the end of the New Year, the police situation of debt collection disputes is rising, and the police situation of drunk people is frequent. As police officers, we must always stick to our posts.”This year is different from previous years. This year is the year of the Opening of the Winter Olympic Games and the year of the 20th National Congress. As the grassroots police force, we should do a good job in maintaining stability and security of the jurisdiction, and protect the safety work of returning to the north of Ningxia.”With the director’s solemn arrangement in the morning meeting, our busy year began.”Son, don’t worry about anything for the Spring Festival. Your father and I have already started cleaning…”Mother told on the phone, “Mom, this year hard you and dad, Chinese New Year may I also come back a few days, you two go out to wear thick points.”Taking off the police uniform as children, we abandoned our families and relatives. This is the normal situation of many grassroots civilian auxiliary police. This is only my first year, but it is many years for other civilian auxiliary police.Put on the police uniform, we have to maintain national security and social order, because this is our duty, give up the small family, to care for everyone, a country can have a home.”Officer, he didn’t pay me, so I started. You arrest him…””I’m drunk, please take me home…””Police comrade, my friend disappeared, you help me to find…”In the face of the root of the different police situation these days, more time is to call me up from the bed in the early morning, I just eat a meal on the way to call over, may be very annoyed, will not have patience.But wearing this uniform and looking into the eyes of a crowd looking forward to it, I feel empowered again — something you can count on, something you can count on.My colleagues and I in the police process, put an end to emotional law enforcement, again and again to listen to the masses, patience to the masses, so civilized law enforcement, law enforcement justice, better serve the people.The police represent is fair, just, with the law to defend the safety of the area of the masses, to protect the light of justice in this city.During the Spring Festival, our police station also put on the law “new clothes” – “temperature law enforcement”, within the scope of the law allows for discretionary consideration, discretionary treatment, as far as possible to let the area of the people can be happy to go home for a New Year, a round.Let justice and fairness become warm, so that the residents of the area have more happiness and security.Umur, fireworks year after year.New Year’s fireworks reflected the sky bright and colorful, shuttle in the streets of the police lights also reflected the sky more bright, like “red and blue star light”, has been guarding the sky, in fact, said that do not want to home is false, but the mission has not been completed.Since I chose this career, I will be responsible for the country and the people. I will stick to my post and protect the safety of the area under my jurisdiction. In the New Year, everyone is making a wish.May the people under my jurisdiction be happier and healthier.Source | xining city public security bureau north branch of audit | warehouse Xuan coordinating editor | li-hua Chou

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