Two interviews over three years!On the eve of the Winter Olympics, what did The director of the Headquarters and Putin talk about?

Russian President Vladimir Putin has accepted an exclusive interview with Shen Haixiong, director and editor-in-chief of the China Media Group, on the eve of his invitation to attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, according to the official website of the Russian President, the State news agency and state television.The official website of The Russian government newspaper Rossiya gazeta published an article entitled “Putin comments on the Beijing Winter Olympics and Russia-China Relations”. This is the second interview with Putin by shen Haixiong, director of the Media Group and journalist.According to media reports, On the evening of May 31, 2018 local time, Putin accepted an exclusive interview with Shen Haixiong at the Kremlin.The face-to-face interview lasted nearly 40 minutes.On the evening of May 31, 2018 local time, Russian President Vladimir Putin received an exclusive interview with Shen Haixiong, Chairman of China’s China Media Group, at the Kremlin in Moscow.After a lapse of more than three years, the interview was successfully completed before the opening of the Winter Olympics.This written interview consists of three major questions and more than 3000 words.In a seemingly short space, Putin talked about his friendship with President Xi, his expectation for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the achievements of China-Russia cooperation in various fields and other important contents. He also revealed his new interest in ice and snow sports. The interview was rich and sincere and lively.Although it is a written interview, the questions and answers are so informative that you feel like you are not answering them in writing.I’m afraid this is another successful highlight of this interview.How to communicate information and emotion with higher quality between questions and answers in written interview?The veteran reporter, who has been working for 33 years, did not forget his true colors and made samples for reporters who participated in the Beijing Winter Olympics.What did the Chinese and Russian presidents talk about before the winter Olympics?Good interviews often start with “catching up”.According to media reports, the two presidents not only celebrated birthdays together, but also rode high-speed trains, made pancakes and watched hockey games together.We have a tacit understanding that we are not absent from each other’s family affairs. Even after the outbreak of the epidemic, we have maintained close communication by phone and video.”Of course I came to congratulate you on your neighbor’s wedding.””As good friends and politicians who share many common views on solving world problems, we have been in close communication.””Neighbor” and “friend” are two key words frequently mentioned in the exchanges between the heads of state of China and Russia.The first question of this interview also starts with these key words full of emotion.Lao She wrote that hometown is “the whole history with my heart.”Nostalgia is the eternal theme of mankind, the wanderer outside, see what can think of home.On the issue of ice and snow exchanges and cooperation between China and Russia, Shen Haixiong mentioned that “300 million people participate in ice and snow sports”, and his hometown Zhejiang has also built a ski resort.As a reporter, the communication with the interviewees is full of simple local feelings.Mr Putin’s answer was equally blunt.”…To share with our Chinese friends the joy of hosting this year’s most important sporting event in the world, the Winter Olympics.””But how much can be achieved and how valuable the prize is — only the competition will prove.It could also affect athletes’ participation, which in turn could affect their performance.”China-russia sports cooperation is extensive and comprehensive, and the two countries will hold the Year of Sports Exchange this year and next.Between questions and answers, old talk new, no empty routine, full of sincere expectations and blessings.Good interviews continue on the basis of cooperation.”Ten thousand people hold bows and shoot one trick in all.”It’s about the power of working together.The keywords “cooperation” and “partner” were frequently mentioned in the two interviews.In his first interview of 2018, Putin said, “The Treaty of Good-neighborliness, Friendship and Cooperation between China and Russia is only the foundation. It is the foundation on which we now build our relations.”On the question of the 2022 interview, the information was “updated” : in June 2021, the two heads of state announced a joint statement formally deciding on the extension of the Treaty.Now, under the guidance of the two heads of state, this edifice, which is getting higher and stronger, is becoming more mature, stable, resilient and full of vitality.In 2020, Russian media donated 50,000 masks to the China Media Group at a critical moment when the Chinese people were fighting the epidemic, making Chinese media members feel the care and support of their Russian counterparts.During the 2021 Shanghai Import Expo, more than 400,000 boxes of Russian ice cream were sold out in just a few minutes during a live broadcast hosted by the Headquarters. Russian purple sugar was also snapped up by Chinese netizens.Anti-epidemic supplies donated by Russia’s SPB TELEVISION Group are ready for delivery at Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg.In 2022, Putin replied, “Our partnership is stable and has independent values. It is not subject to political influence and is not directed against anyone.”More than three years after the first interview, China remains Russia’s top trading partner and strategic partner on the international stage.From 2018 to 2022, every question and answer will echo back, demonstrating that the foundation of China-Russia cooperation is getting stronger as time goes by.Good interviews, always looking forward to new stories.In the first interview, Putin discussed various forms of daily exercise such as working on machines, swimming, judo and occasionally playing ice hockey.By the time of the 2022 interview, Putin’s hockey skills had passed the test of the arena.This time, the third question, just in response to the concerns of Chinese netizens and the vast number of ice and snow sports fans, continue to pay attention to Putin’s winter sports story.”I don’t think I’m qualified to offer any advice to people who love ice hockey,” Putin said modestly in the interview, despite showing his skill in national competitions….In my opinion, it doesn’t matter what kind of sport one plays, the important thing is that one should often play what one likes.Stick with it, work steadily towards your goals, and gradually master your skills.”In addition to ice hockey, putin is interested in skiing, biathlon, figure skating and other sports.At the end of the interview, Putin cheered for the beautiful ice hockey games at the Beijing Winter Olympics and wished the Russian ice hockey players great achievements.Semyon FROLOV, VOLga Junior HOCKEY PLAYER: I want to be a good hockey goalie.Good interviews leave you wanting more.Less than four years, two interviews, from Moscow to Beijing, “the last time we met was the last time”.After watching the interview with President Putin by shen Haixiong, an “old journalist” from the Headquarters, people are looking forward to the upcoming “Winter Olympics engagement” between the two heads of state and how to write a new story of China-Russia relations.

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