Don’t experience once, not enough to talk about precious

Life has a lot of regret, is not enough to talk about once;Life without regret, just understand it is precious enough.But, no if, but can only look at the light results and consequences.Heart is a tree, with love to pave the road.Perhaps, this life never met that you, and what fate this said.Fate is the will of god, years of browsing, experience time of shallow, just know what is the deepest feeling, meaning of the heavy, only love connected.I met you, is not the attachment of the past life, with this life’s only persistent, meet in a moment, a long tunnel: “you are waiting for me?.”Waiting for once.Is how lonely things, it is a person’s loneliness, two people’s mind, three stone carved once promise or oath, in the reunion of the day to repay it.Only, even if also finished this life, also praise the leisurely heart mouth lovesickness debt.If there is no if, how lucky is that?I don’t know, but it turns out…Perhaps, we do not know, each person’s encounter has no meaning, only know the encounter: is so quiet, with a long time of doubt, will be sealed up for a long time to tell who.Once.No one will care for that strange you, but also meet fate, will know about you.Love is not easy to follow, love is not easy to hear.There is such a sentence poured out his heart: “was a kind of memory, is also a kind of sad.”Who is on the way of life, no once;Who is in the storm of love on the road, do not experience ups and downs;Who is in the life of the ignition point, not experienced once.Therefore, do not experience once, not enough to talk about precious.Is the past, or with a good interpretation, those so-called has been for a long time, also do not want to recall once.To know, and who are not familiar too fast, do not think that the beginning of the same topic, a lot of common ground, is a brief acquaintance.Language a lot of time, are not necessarily representative, to experience together is true.Don’t touch the heart calculate, don’t have to try to figure out;Those who can’t see are far away, and don’t bother to guess.Life is short and energy is limited.We should give our hearts to the people we love.If not experienced once.And how do you know, the heart to the warm sun with your company, love is so true, love is so deep, to the meaning is so persistent.They say it’s owed, right?What do you think you owe?Is love, not yet, is love, not enough.Like rain, just know who will give you an umbrella;When something happens, you know who is true to you.Some people, will only icing on the cake, not timely help;And some people, they just add fuel to the fire, they’re not honest.Met can not say in detail, or that miss let you dull, want to put those once packed, back to the original place, you feel, that is can not.Can’t.Once.Will be lost in life, leaving hard to swallow bitterness.Once.Will disappear in the mouth of life, leaving the heart of the export.So that the end of life, do not want to leave those who have once once, just let a person feel that this is the so-called life.As we all know, in the fate of this road in addition to meet, meet, know each other, the arrival of everyone has significance.That’s why you’re so precious.Because precious, so cherish;Because there is love, so love, because there is love, so sentimentally attached.In this life, nothing is better than to get a really so proud jiao, nothing is better than to get a true feeling so steady.Perhaps, this is love at its best.The heart belongs to the people of love, love belongs to the love of heart.Therefore, if you want the best love in the world, first let the world see the best of you.Sometimes, the world is the most difficult to break the feelings, the most difficult to seek is the truth, the most difficult to guess is really, the most painful is love.No one will blindly to hello, these need to do their own, no one does not want to hello, but some are not good enough.It’s when the heart always returns, when love always blossoms and bears fruit.Just sometimes not do not want to face, can face is a what kind of result.Life is too easy to get do not cherish, cherish get not satisfactory.Therefore, feel what is not satisfied, to the end is to leave a place for their own sorrow.Why bother?When you can be together, do not want to separate.Life is not easy to meet, not everyone can say: “lucky to meet you.”Therefore, do not experience once, not enough to talk about precious.Author: Dongdong Little Lion

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