Putuo District to deepen the five education at the same time to build quality education project

First, we strengthened the leading role of scientific research and made steady progress in curriculum reform.To the authenticity of learning areas to explore, subject to lead, to further deepen the authenticity of learning practice research, organize related thesis and seminars, establishing “authenticity study area to explore” proceedings and case set, the city education brand subject annual appraisal “real learning” research as the municipal outstanding projects.Guided teachers of all disciplines to enhance their thought of homework design and change their awareness of homework function. Two projects were selected as the municipal planning topics in 2021.We continue to explore new ways to improve the quality of regional discipline education and teaching, have the courage to innovate and break through, and strengthen the summary and refining. We have won the second prize of provincial basic education achievement evaluation for 3 projects, and the first and second prize of provincial excellent planning achievement for another 3 projects, with remarkable educational and teaching achievements.Second, deepening the effectiveness of blue education, Marine education brand gradually formed.The Marine education curriculum and school-based implementation are further deepened, and students’ modern Marine awareness is constantly improved.The second Putuo District Marine Education And Culture Festival was held, and activities such as early childhood Marine education Curriculum Story Competition, Primary and secondary school Marine education Excellent extension course Education Design Competition, primary and secondary school students Excellent Extension course works production competition were held.The country’s first series of high-quality and expanded Marine education courses for primary and secondary schools has been published. Five schools, including Shenjiamen Primary School, have been rated as national core institutions for Marine education research. Marine education achievements have been selected by provincial and national levels and selected for exhibition and promotion in the sixth National Education Expo.Third, the cultivation of positive psychological quality, mental health education steady progress.Last year, we carried out psychological screening twice for all primary and secondary school students, and provided timely intervention for those students who were found to be at high risk of mental health. One person was assigned to take charge of the intervention and follow-up.347 teachers have completed the training of c-level qualification certificate of mental health education, and 100% of full-time public primary and secondary school teachers have obtained the CERTIFICATE of PSYCHOLOGICAL C or above, and more than 60% of kindergarten teachers have obtained the certificate.At present, there are 6 demonstration schools of mental health education in the district, 6 provincial first-level schools of psychological counseling, and the proportion of first-level stations and demonstration schools of psychological counseling leads the province.(Putuo District Education Bureau) statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com

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