The first generation of praise such as tide!The “upgrade” is finally here!It also added new technology

In the past two years, domestic sneakers have made rapid progress, among which 361° can be said to be the dark horse of domestic sports brands. AG1 PRO is definitely the biggest surprise of domestic actual combat shoes.After the iteration of the AG series, the latest flagship combat boot AG2X has finally received the popular color “clear sky”.The biggest highlight is equipped with 361° latest cushioning technology and midsole stability technology, let xiaobian take you together to open the box of this pair of domestic combat good shoes!First of all, in terms of appearance design, AG2X has made a lot of changes on the basis of AG2. Vamp and midsole are obviously different because of configuration changes.The whole vamp is mainly made of white fabric, and bright colors such as yellow and green are added to the upper and midsole to make embellishment, which can echo the color matching theme of “Blue sky”.The knitted material of the vamp surface is interspersed with thermoplastic polyurethane elastic fiber, and the head position of the vamp is reinforced to ensure flexibility and comfort while improving the overall strength of the vamp.The shoelaces continue with the MORPHIT shoelaces system of 361° international line, providing greater range of adjustment and flexibility while increasing binding area.Heel 360 degree wrap, in the daily flexible adjustment and more focused lock foot stability.Aaron Gordon’s personal touch is added to the entire shoe in multiple places, and the 2 generation Logo combines Aaron Gordon’s initials AG with the number “2.”The mid-sole technology has been upgraded comprehensively. First of all, the foresole is changed from the original NFO technology to the new ENRG-X E toughness technology. The elasticity of the material can reach 65%, while avoiding the softness and collapse of the foresole.XX KELETON is improved from two-piece pair plug type to one-piece type, creating a new hollow X structure “Classy technology” with stronger stability.Finally, PEBA catapult was used to replace the original QU!Surrounded by KBALANCE, its material is nylon elastomer.The rear palm is still equipped with 361° self-developed mid-sole technology QU!KFOAM infinity, high Q bomb technology, with excellent slow shock rebound function.The outer bottom grain is the same as AG2, showing a strong sense of design, derived from the eight planets of the solar system, multi-layer ring grain is decorated with concrete planet shape.The brand new AG2X “clear Sky” color scheme has been put on the shelves of 361° official flagship store, the sale price is 739 yuan, juhuashuamanjie activity price is only 539 yuan, like friends might as well click the discount link below to get this pair of high appearance level high performance combat good shoes.361 ° AG2X “sky” : the new password (below copy the whole paragraph) : 98 RMB Hg142TM1K1e AG2X sky 361 RMB 2022 summer E toughening technology shoes sneakers men basketball shoes non-skid springback of actual combat boots

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