Tianjin will adjust the “health code” assigned to local people at risk of COVID-19

At the 169th Press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control in Tianjin on January 15, 2022, Du Hongyin, Deputy Director of Tianjin Municipal Health Commission, said that in view of the need for epidemic prevention and control, in addition to inbound persons with “red code” or “Orange code”, novel coronavirus patients and their close contacts,Tianjin will adjust the “health code” assigned to local risk groups and alert risk groups by text message. Those with “red code” health management mode in Tianjin will be quarantined in centralized or at home, and those with “Orange code” will be put under home medical observation.If the residents find the adjustment of tianjin “Health code”, please check the pop-up prompt of “Health code” and pay attention to check the SMS reminder.In principle, the “health code” popup will indicate those who reside in key areas and have a history of living in high-risk areas, and that those who form a “red/orange” code during the investigation in our city are those who are actively involved in the investigation of epidems-related risks in the jurisdiction. Other hints will clarify the reasons for the history of high-risk exposure.Du hongyin said that once the “health code” in Tianjin is abnormal, people should take the initiative to take good personal protection, immediately contact with the community (work units, hotels, etc.) to report, and inform Tianjin of the “health code” pop-up message and text message alert content, and cooperate with quarantine control, nucleic acid testing, health monitoring and other work in accordance with the law.If it is not included in the management period, it is prohibited to go to public places or take public transportation.If you have fever, dry cough, smell (taste) loss of sleep and other symptoms, see a doctor immediately, and inform the doctor of the relevant situation.

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