Tottenham’s Mourinho aura began to fade, with nearly 10,000 empty seats at home, the highest loss in the Premier League

On his 57th birthday in London with his wife, mourinho’s £89 macaron cake, smaller than a candle, made everyone smile and wish him open the dusty door of tottenham’s trophy house.Unfortunately, however, The spurs owner did not live up to his promise. He only wanted to avoid a wage crisis that would bring the team to ruin, so He spent just over 40 million euros on seven players and claimed to have assembled seven dragon balls to summon the Magic dragons.Tottenham had beaten three of the big six sides to go to the top of the table, but winter had failed to strengthen the central defence and midfield, and conceded a goal against Liverpool at Mount Everest, leaving mourinho frustrated.The boss sacked Mourinho two days before the carling cup final, reportedly because of a disagreement in the European Super League, but it can be seen that Levy is really afraid, he does not want to be a counterattack, more want to be a businessman’s point of view, to be a low-key obedient.As can be seen from the financial investment, the Balinese have earmarked 130 million euros for the arrival of Conte and are pursuing 55 million euros for Porto winger Luis dias and 20 million euros for Wolves winger traore this winter.Tottenham’s likes of Ali (65 million euros) and Loselso (52 million euros) have moved on to the market, Ndong Bele (70 million euros) has even trained on his own, as well as aurier, who has been released and veteran central defender Toby sent to West Asia.Really speechless, business people to avoid the bad luck we are not to blame, who called the old man did not pay attention to his own feathers, do not have to take such a mess, do not have to accept any challenge.So much so that when Everton made an offer to jose mourinho, one England fan went straight to the press and urged him to go to his London home and have a word with him if he ever played against a bad team again.Jose mourinho has been with him for 17 years, traveling to England, Spain and Italy, and spent every birthday with him. Now it is jose mourinho’s 59th birthday. Although it is roma in Serie A, it is very gratifying to see him happy.Mourinho’s birthday present this year was very special. First Manmanet gave him an endorsement and then led the English media in vindication of what he had done at Manchester United. It was important that mourinho did not take the blame again.Tottenham, who ousted Jose Mourinho, are back where he belongs. According to the Daily Mail, tottenham have nearly 10,000 empty seats at home this season, which translates to a loss of around £160,000 per game, the highest in the Premier League.Coincidentally, mourinho’s former team, Chelsea, came in second, but with only about 3,000 seats empty, it was a far cry from Spurs.However, the Stamford bridge stadium has no nouveau riche label, in the old jose mourinho’s former build, gradually to the precipitate of the rich.As for Tottenham, they were once again denied silverware by Chelsea in the carling cup this season, and we don’t know if sponsorship or stadium naming rights will be affected.What is certain, however, is that Tottenham are no longer the toast of the media, having made headlines and been the talk of the English table last season when they played in the ninth tier, while tottenham are no longer singled out by referees, but are also hard pressed to win trophies.Perhaps the gentleman does not stand under the dangerous wall, it is beyond reproach, but we are a cloth clothes, ordinary grassroots, is like this weak to win, this decrepit for magic, this against the sky.So very understand, mourinho aura of tottenham, gradually dissipate, if there is regret, actually should be Cain and cloth Min premier league best combination, hoy bill proving inconclusive, ray Kuala Lumpur go fast, jose mourinho will them to a critical point, is carry out their mission.A shrewd businessman, levy got what he wanted, quickly and smoothly transitioned the team, removed all conflicts and preserved assets.Also hope they will be better and better, just a team accidentally fell into the Champions League final, immediately fell apart, investigate its reasons, worth recalling ah!The road is not different to seek, and continue to follow Mourinho mourinho came to Apenning, happy river’s lake, battle sword tianya, enjoy it.Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo may only play until they are 40, but the coach has a long career ahead of him and hopes to accompany Mourinho for another 17 years to see him dominate the Champions League.Follow me to witness the rise of the Eternal City and accompany Jose Mourinho to the title!

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