Wu Dakai: An artist of the Same Profession

Wu Dakai’s Zen painting is to infect people through sensibility and arouse emotional resonance, so that readers can feel the same and have a feeling of mutual sympathy.The painter will feel that he has finally met a friend, he knows me so well, I am so happy, as long as he asks me for a painting, I will give him a piece.No, as long as he points to a certain picture to say it is good, analyze it, interpret it, and seem to understand it so so, I will take the initiative to give this picture to him. I feel that if this picture is not given to him, I will be very sad, it is a sin…Artists are so sensitive, which is the quality artists should have, is the essence of artists.Love art, create art, but do not rely on selling works to survive, according to this view, art is the rich second generation should choose a career, right?Wu Dakai: The Past of My Childhood Wu Dakai: The past of my Childhood But the love of art is not exclusive to the children of rich families. A group of art lovers have emerged from all walks of life. They also love art and painting, and have embarked on the path of making a career out of it.The ancients often said that a poor scholar was something, but so was a poor painter.However, there are also some poor scholars who won the top prize in the examination. There are also some poor painters whose works have been sold tens of thousands of thousands of millions of times. The power of these special success cases is no less tempting than winning 5 million in the lottery.Professional painters gathered in Songzhuang, 798, Dafen village and Xiaobao Village and took root.Dakai Wu: Childhood Memories Are they gambling?Or to buy lottery mentality to be enticed, or because of perceptual pure hobby, embarked on this art road.However, it is impossible for the “seeded players” to compete “fairly” because of their genetic differences and their own conditions.In the same painter village, some live in hundreds or thousands of large studios, some live in dozens of small ones, some are happy and smiling, some are sad and indignant, all of them are the same profession. Why is there such a big difference?But come to think of it, are they the same profession?Wu Dakai: Childhood Memories Wu Dakai: Childhood memories

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