2022 Winter Olympic Games men’s 4*7.5 relay scoring criteria

1. The men’s relay is 4 x 7.5km, and each team consists of four athletes.2, all players start at the same time, each player in each team will enter the shooting range twice (first prone shot and then standing shot, you can have three extra rounds), and each missed target will be penalized one round of 150 meters.3. After each athlete finishes his own sliding and shooting task, the next teammate will continue the course.Each person is required to shoot twice, lying down and then standing, with five bullets each time.Unlike other competitions, each athlete has 3 extra rounds.Shooting penalties are similar in individual, short distance, chase, team start and team events.If the competitor has missed all 5 bullets or 8 bullets in the relay and the target has not been completely hit, the skis begin, with a penalty of 2 minutes per shot.

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