Media attention | Shenyang Evening News: All medical waste related to the epidemic in Shenyang has been treated innocently

Since this round of epidemic, all medical wastes involved in the epidemic in Shenyang have been treated innocuous.On March 23, shenyang evening news, shen newspaper reporters from the city ecological environment bureau understands, epidemic prevention and control headquarters requirements according to the city, the city ecological environment bureau to epidemic prevention and control of medical waste in shenyang and the garbage collector on epidemic disposal work, actively organize the expansion of the reform of shenyang medical waste disposal center, daily disposal capacity of 60 tons to 90 tons.At the same time, shenyang Dongtai Environmental Protection Industry Co., Ltd. has been listed as the emergency collaborative disposal unit of Shenyang medical waste, with a collaborative disposal capacity of 100 tons per day, to ensure the demand for medical waste disposal during the epidemic.Since January 1, 2022, a total of 4,606.91 tons of medical waste has been disposed of in The city, including 28.50 tons of medical waste related to the epidemic.Since March 15, The total volume of medical waste in Shenyang has been 754.76 tons, and the harmless disposal volume has been 754.76 tons.A total of 9150 kg of epidemic medical waste was collected, and a total of 9150 kg of harmless disposal was carried out.

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