The tide of the heart drifts

“Defeated sand iron has not been sold, since will recognize the past.Dongfeng and Zhou Lang then, copper bird spring deep lock two Joe.”The ancient poem “sinking sand” and “deep spring copper finch” reminds me of the unusual spring this year.I stood at my window, staring up at the sky.This is looking forward to a good rain season known dripping, but to the helpless snow.Although it is late spring in the north, there are still snow and ice in the shade.I stood on the bank of the ice row, looking forward to the arrival of the moment of opening the river.Want to see the ice between the fierce collision, to release my depressed feelings for a long time.Spring was cold, and the river was unexpectedly quiet.Instead, the bad news is one after another: epidemics, smokes, plane crashes, one after another.The haze of natural and man-made disasters, enveloped in people’s hearts.When will the sword of Damocles be removed from men’s minds?Return people a spring scenery full garden, unrestrained living space.Is everyone’s long-cherished wish, is also my hope.On the day when the Kaijiang River is unsealed, I will go to the yan bank again and have a good time.About the author: Name, Xi Zhiyuan (pen name, xuexiang mountain people), love literature, suifenhe writers Association hangfan literature association member, “Far East literature”, “golden land”, “today’s toutiao” published works.

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