Throat always feels phlegm, spit not clean, be what trouble?Will it hurt if you swallow it?

Sputum is a secreted fluid stimulated by the human respiratory tract, which contains many components, including pathogens, microorganisms, foreign bodies or mucus, necrotic and shed mucosal epithelial cells, etc.The high fluid content of sputum is the result of the movement of the epithelium to water and ions, while the leakage of blood or the products of locally secreted cells is the main source of its macromolecules.A lot of people say that they often feel phlegm in their throat and can’t cough it up. I don’t know what causes it.01 throat always feels phlegm, spit not clean, be what trouble?Will it hurt if you swallow it?Food stimulation caused by each person’s eating habits are different, some people heart is light, but some people eating heavy taste, more like to eat something spicy excitant, these food enters the human body, is easy to damage the body’s throat, throat mucosa is overstimulated, sputum will increase, appear even vomit not clean.Under normal circumstances, sputum secreted in the throat can moisten the mucous membrane, but when the throat is inflamed, it will provide conditions for bacteria and viruses to survive.At this time, the production of phlegm in the throat will increase, which may cause unnecessary cough, especially in the cold, or chronic pharyngitis.Do not protect the sound of life in your throat part protection is not appropriate, but also prone to throat phlegm cough problems.Especially some special positions of the staff, such as teachers, speak for a long time, it is easy to appear pharyngitis, voice will become hoarse cough phlegm discomfort.Of course, there are also some people who smoke for a long time, and the cigarette enters the human body at the moment it is lit, which will constantly stimulate your trachea and bronchus and produce a lot of phlegm in the throat.This situation should be a very common disease, sputum stay in the human body for too long, will feel uncomfortable, sometimes will block the human respiratory tract, causing breathing difficulties or suffocation, so try to remove as soon as possible.02 What happens when phlegm is swallowed?It has been mentioned above how sputum is formed. It contains a lot of substances, mainly the throat and airway of the human body, which are stimulated and produce a lot of mucus, which is mixed with the normal shedding of epithelial cells.There may also be some lesions, resulting in increased sputum, if such sputum is directly swallowed, it is likely to carry a large number of pathogens, so it is best to spit it out.But a lot of people feel that spitting is not sanitary, so it is spit into the paper towel, and then wrapped up to burn, but it is not recommended to swallow phlegm, many patients with tuberculosis will get intestinal tuberculosis after swallowing phlegm.So phlegm must cough out, but can not spit everywhere.03 What are the methods of expectoration?Drinking plenty of water can effectively improve blood circulation throughout the body. No matter what causes a cough, it is important to find the real cause behind it. It may be due to a lack of water in the lungs, resulting in a dry respiratory system.In the process of breathing, will lead to friction gradually increased, coupled with water shortage, the concentration of body fluids in the human body will increase, then more prone to sputum, cough in the throat, so usually drink more water.Pat the back DO not know if you have seen some coughing old people, they tend to gently pat the back, this approach is mainly, the use of vibration can be sputum out of the shock.However, this method is not suitable for all people. If you are an elderly person with osteoporosis, blindly hitting the back is likely to cause fractures, so you must pay more attention to it.The Xia Fang Health Guide

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