Yue Yunpeng was squeezed out of the Spring Festival Gala, Guo Degang is now black, deyun Society how?

Tiger Spring Festival gala must have seen everyone, we are familiar with the little Yue Yue disappeared.I vaguely remember the lively scene when Yue Yunpeng took part in the Spring Festival Gala last year, the crosstalk was talking and singing, and the audience became one, very lively!But this year’s Tiger Spring Festival Gala, the audience familiar with the small yue yue disappeared, the Spring Festival Gala of major TV channels also seem to be in step with less deyun community disciples figure.Those who understand understand naturally understand, there may be a lot of melon eating people see something, but everyone is tacit, a little see through not to say.Recently, another big event happened in Deyun Society, which is related to guo Degang, the head of Deyun Society.Recently, the Internet suddenly revealed that Beijing Opera actress Wang Mengting gave birth to a child, and the father of the child is alleged to be Guo Degang!What a juicy story this is!Later, Wang Mengting came forward to refute rumors, Guo Degang also said that “to pinch the mouth of the SIMS in the fifth day”, users think to Guo Degang’s steady style of doing things, he will not make such confused things.The probability of breaking the news is someone to black Guo Degang, who is specific, he has what kind of person behind?I think as time goes on, the melon eaters will see the signs.However, as the saying goes, there is no smoke without fire. In recent years, Deyun Society has grown rapidly, and its business territory has already broken through the traditional crosstalk field.Combining some recent clues and historical experience, deyun Society can not escape the natural law of prosperity and decline.Growth and Prosperity of Deyun Society Guo Degang is a person who has suffered, deyun Society can have today’s scale he contributed to the great.Think that year, he came to Beijing alone, is a veritable poor north drift.In those days, Guo Degang is tasted the bitterness of the world, in order to earn living expenses, to feed the deyun society at that time, Guo Degang even went to TV station to participate in reality show.In such a glass room, Guo Degang ate and slept in full view of the public, but also tried to amuse the audience.Who would have thought that such a man would dominate half of Chinese crosstalk after so many years?As the old saying goes, every man has his own destiny. After Guo degang met Yu Qian and became hou Yaowen’s teacher, Guo degang’s fate began to change.We also know what happened behind, Cao Yunjin left deyun Society, Yue Yunpeng, in the domestic crosstalk market a downturn, Deyun Society suddenly born.To be honest, the way of crosstalk in Deyun Society is not quite the same as traditional crosstalk, perhaps it is this unique style that attracts the audience.You can call it vulgar or unlike crosstalk, but crosstalk performers in Deyun Society go to any lengths to entertain the audience.The style of Deyunshe cross talk was gradually accepted by the public by exchanging jokes on the stage and interacting frequently with the audience. With the appearance of Yue Yunpeng, deyunshe cross talk was pushed to its peak.Yue yunpeng appeared on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala on May 5. At the same time, the career of Deyun Society also blossomed everywhere: not only participated in variety shows, but also set up its own troupe troupe, even made movies and built deyun Cultural Square.As the saying goes, it is good to enjoy the cool under the tree. The disciples of Deyun Society also go out one by one. Every year, deyun Society’s enclosed performance gathers many celebrities in the entertainment circle, and the limelight of Deyun Society is unparalleled.In fact, the fundamental reason for the rapid growth of Deyun Society is the choice of the audience and the market, and it also benefits from this era.In recent years, whether in the film and television industry, or in the entertainment industry, comedy and comedian are the most popular audience.Many comedy films, such as Goodbye Mr. Loser, Hello, Li Huanying, and The Killer is Not Too Calm, which was released during the Spring Festival in the Year of the Tiger, have done well at the box office.Comedians such as Shen Teng, Jia Ling and Wei Xiang are also popular among audiences.Times are different. In the past, it was about eating well, but now it is about pursuing a better spiritual and cultural life. Whoever can make the audience laugh will occupy the audience’s heart.To some extent, the success of Deyun Society also conforms to this beautiful era.The so-called mainstream cross talk should refer to traditional cross talk, and Guo Degang studied under crosstalk master Hou Yaowen. Isn’t his cross talk traditional cross talk?Since Deyun Society has occupied half of the crosstalk market, the controversy has never stopped.There are even mainstream crosstalk groups repeatedly held “anti-three vulgar” conference, although not directly named, but eat melon people understand.The picture above is a passage once said by Crosstalk artist Jiang Kun. When he refers to him, friends must know who he refers to.In the Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Tiger, Jiang Kun stood on the stage again after many years, while all the disciples of Deyun Society seemed to disappear in the Spring Festival Gala at the same time.This one up and down, quite thought-provoking.Of course, this can not say who has won who, don’t forget, last year’s Spring Festival Gala, Yue Yunpeng is still there singing crosstalk.Although Guo degang is not the first person to marketize crosstalk, he is definitely the most successful one.Guo degang is believed to have identified the “dregs” of traditional crosstalk in a principled way, and it is these “dregs” that have drawn a line between traditional crosstalk and Deyun Society.Devon community support and opposition to Devon community appears to be rational, opponents say: guo degang in order to cater to the audience, deliberately put the “scum” and add into the combine crosstalk jokes decomposition and optionally, the essence of the traditional crosstalk, but much a few minutes ShiJingQi, where it is crosstalk, clear is the art of tea house.Crosstalk performers are also human beings and need to make money. There is nothing wrong with catering to the needs of the audience.It’s like making movies. If you say you don’t care about the box office and you’re just doing it for the art, you’re lying.In fact, there is a saying that as long as there is someone, there is rivers and lakes.Many things go hand in hand, mainstream and traditional, non-mainstream and modern, I believe the controversy will continue.Deyun Society?The tree is now big enough, as the old saying goes: Great trees are good for nothing but shade!Under the protection of the big tree, the disciples of Deyun Society also went round one by one.In the past, we may only be familiar with yue Yunpeng, but now?In addition to Yue Yunpeng, such as Guo Qilin, Luan Yunping, shao Cake, Meng Hetang and other people can gradually take the lead.In particular, Guo Qilin, the head of deyun Society, has gradually become popular in the past two years. He not only frequently participates in variety shows, but also takes part in many film and television works, such as the previous “Taonjou”, which is highly praised.But there is also truth in the old saying that “tall trees catch much wind”.In the past two years, some disciples of Deyun Society have often been exposed to negative news.Last year, Yu Ziqi, one of Guo’s apprentices, was found to have had an affair, while Xu Xiaozhu, one of Yue’s apprentices, was questioned by Internet users for allegedly making inappropriate remarks at the end of last year.And now, the head of deyun Society Guo Degang is black and Peking Opera actor Wang Mengting have a son.Anyhow, at present home big big deyun society feeling is to be targeted by sunspot, but every have a little gap, can draw on a large group of flies.But as the saying goes, “a straight body is not afraid of a crooked shadow.” As long as your heart is open and your conscience is clear, you should not be afraid of ghosts knocking at the door at night!Deyun society cannot escape the law of extreme prosperity and decline?The word “prosperity will decline” has a long history: the ancient sage Lao Tzu once believed that good can be evil, good can be surprising, good can be evil, and things will change to the opposite side when they reach the limit.This phrase has the same effect as “things go too far, things go too far”.Cheng Yiming of the Northern Song Dynasty believed that: all things rise and fall, and the reason for the change of Yin and Yang is due to the existence of the so-called “extreme things will be reversed, the reason must be so”.Both from the law of nature and from historical experience, everything seems to escape the law of nature.Is deyun Society doomed to the same fate?If you look at this year alone, that seems to be true.But if you look at this year alone, it seems a little early.The direction of Guo Degang and his Deyun Society may have already been decided. We may as well wait and see.But in any case, melon eaters smell something different.But as an audience, cross talk we naturally want to continue to listen to, as for what we want to listen to cross talk, I want to see this article friends must have an answer in the heart, might as well say it out loud, see if we want to be the same?

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