Chinese athletes who won the Winter Olympics earned only $2 million, far less than Gu Ailing, and naturalized in China at least tenfold

Chinese American figure skater Chen Wei won the title of queen of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics on February 13, Beijing time, and achieved the great feat of winning the world series in this Winter Olympic cycle.In addition to his $37,500 prize money, Chen will double his off-court earnings from $1 million a year ago, according to Forbes magazine.Forbes estimates Chen earned at least $1 million in guaranteed income in the year leading up to the Beijing Olympics.He also earns extra money from brand sponsors for his excellence on the ice.Chen Wei will see a significant increase in earnings after smoothly winning gold in men’s figure skating at the Beijing Winter Olympics, and is expected to earn more than $2 million.”Brands are attracted to Chen wei,” said John Gee-Reddy, a sports lawyer at the University of South Carolina.Incomplete statistics show that Chen wei currently has 11 long-term agreements with partners, many of which overlap with USA Ice sponsors, including a well-known sports brand and a well-known car brand.There have been numerous media comparisons between Mr. Chen and Ms. Gu, both of Chinese descent.In fact, while Gu is only half Chinese, Chen Wei’s parents are both Chinese and qualify for the program.Of course, Chen wei, already a computer science major at Yale University, did not naturalize to China like Gu, but chose to represent the United States in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.The choice has had a significant impact on their earnings, with Gu’s bid for a single endorsement reaching $2 million, according to local media, and her price will continue to rise with her performance at the Olympics.Chen Wei, on the other hand, could have earned more than 10 times as much in endorsements if he had naturalized and returned to China, given the popularity of figure skating in China.

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