Domestic single largest!48 billion yuan high-tech projects put into operation!The listed company emerges in the background

February 16 evening, according to CCTV “news broadcast” reported that China’s largest single, the most advanced flexible display production line recently put into production in Xiamen, Fujian province.With a total investment of 48 billion yuan, this project is the largest single high-tech manufacturing project in Xiamen. In the future, it will seek new breakthroughs in technologies such as folding screen and curved screen.China Securities Journal · China Securities Taurus reporter noted that Xiamen Tianma, A wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenzhen Tianma A, holds A 15% stake in the project company.Shentianma HOLDS 15% of Shentianma A’s previous announcement shows that on January 6, 2020, the company’s extraordinary general meeting of shareholders deliberated and passed A motion,Agree to invest xiamen Tianma Microelectronics Co., LTD. (xiamen Tianma), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company, with Xiamen International Trade Industry Co., LTD., Xiamen Golden Yuan Industrial Development Co., LTD., Xiamen Xingma Equity Investment Partnership (limited partnership) and Xiamen Xiangyu Group Co., LTD., to establish a joint venture project company in Xiamen.The project of building a 6th generation flexible AMOLED production line that processes 48,000 flexible display substrates per month, with a total investment of 48 billion yuan, of which the registered capital is 27 billion yuan. The difference between the total investment and the registered capital of the joint venture company is 21 billion yuan. The joint venture company will apply for a loan from the bank.On January 8, 2020, Xiamen Tianma Display Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Tianma Display Technology”), a joint venture project company jointly invested by Xiamen Tianma and its partners, was registered and established with a registered capital of 27 billion YUAN.The amount and proportion of each shareholder’s investment are as follows: China International Trade Industry will invest 12.15 billion yuan in cash and hold 45% equity of Tianma Display Technology;Jinyuan Invested 5.4 billion yuan in cash and held 20% equity in Tianma Display Technology.Xiamen Tianma invested 4.05 billion yuan in cash and holds 15% equity in Tianma Display Technology.Xiamen Xingma invested 2.7 billion yuan in cash and holds 10% equity in Tianma Display Technology.Xiangyu Group invested 2.7 billion yuan in cash and holds a 10% stake in Tianma Display technology.In November 2021, Shenzhen Tianma A said in the investigation of institutions that Xiamen Tianma Display Technology G6 AMOLED production line (TM18) with A total investment of 48 billion yuan is the largest flexible AMOLED monomer factory in China.The production line focuses on advanced cutting-edge technologies such as HTD (HybridTFTDisplay) technology, CFOT (polarizing disc replacement technology), under screen camera technology, under screen fingerprint technology, embedded touch technology and so on.It is reported that the project covers an area of 1216 mu, the total construction area of about 1.26 million square meters, including the process clean area of about 600,000 square meters.The project will be fully started in May 2020, the main plant will be capped in 12 months, the core equipment will be moved in 16 months, and the capacity will be released in 2022.Flexible AMOLED Display Panel Volume As a new display technology, AMOLED flexible display has the advantages of high contrast, fast response speed, ultra-thin, low power consumption, flexible and foldable display, outstanding product performance, but large investment, high technical complexity, long accumulation cycle.The penetration rate of AMOLED flexible display in mobile phone market is increasing year by year.According to Citic Securities Research, the penetration rate of AMOLED flexible display panels in the mobile phone market will rise from 30% in 2018 to 45% in 2022.It is expected that the volume of terminal folding screen will accelerate the penetration of AMOLED.About 668 million AMOLED smartphone panels will be shipped in the global market in 2021, up 36.3% year on year, market Research firm CINNO Research reported.Among them, Samsung shipped about 480 million display AMOLED smartphone panels, up 28.8% year on year.The market share was 72.3%, down 4.2 percentage points year-on-year.Boe shipped about 60 million AMOLED smartphone panels, up 67.2 percent year on year.The market share is 8.9%, up 1.6 percentage points year-on-year, ranking the second in the world and firmly ranking the first in China.Vincino AMOLED smartphone panel shipments reached about 300 million units, up 111.1% year on year;The market share is 5.1%, up 1.8 percentage points year on year, ranking fourth in the world and second in China.In 2021, Shentianma A’s AMOLED smartphone panel market share was 1%, ranking seventh globally, according to CINNO Research.In November 2021, Shentianma A also said in the institutional research, the completion of the project will help the company’s flexible AMOLED production scale to rank among the world’s top three.Editor: Wang Yin

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