One day, asked a married female friend: met the biggest surprise is what?

1. One day, I asked a married woman friend, “What’s the biggest surprise I’ve ever had?”The friend replied: “The biggest surprise is to be pregnant in October, every day on tenterfoot, to be sure after the child was born, the child is her husband.”2, recently the next door a wang uncle married a twenty-year-old little wife, a neighbor sneered at him: uncle, so old, marry a little girl, do you eat?”It’s very simple, just like playing mahjong,” wang said.Eat less, touch more, desperately touch, no cannon.3, many girls like such a good man: get up at 6 am on time, go to bed at 9 PM on time, do not smoke, do not drink, do not go to night clubs, do not pick up girls, and no affair.There is no secret in life, no secret money, no micro blog and micro channel, even ambiguous messages are not a, steady and easy-going, usually not quietly thinking about the future, is reading and learning, very obedient, clean clothes often new.We have such men, many, many……Prison administration bureau (xuan)4, ask a pair of men and women: if after death, in the helpless bridge to see Meng Po, give you drink Meng Po soup, what do you say?Girl friend: Don’t let me forget my family, ok?Boyfriend: No cilantro and scallions, thanks!My wife and I went to reclining Buddha Temple to play, the wife can not walk on the road, so I carry her.An old woman saw, said seriously: see you also read a book.The wife is sick still early go to a hospital, worship Buddha is useless ~!6, more and more hot summer day, my cousin said everyday smothered in pants, underwear also painfully, I told her, wear long skirt GuaKongDang, don’t worry about it too, very comfortable, she came to my house to play today, I asked how she felt, cousin, is very comfortable, however, lost a lot of boyfriend are you going to the dinner at home,7, the daughter rides on her father’s shoulder to play, her father as a robot command forward, backward, turn left and right for a while, enjoy this master control game, playing.But the robot is a robot after all, from the living room to the bedroom when the waist did not know to bend…8, take a female colleague hitchhiker home, broke down on the way, the colleague immediately get off, open the front cover inspection.I got out of the car and asked her, what’s the problem?She said, I don’t know, I’ve seen other drivers do that when they break down!Worried, the man asked his wife, “I have raised my daughter for more than thirty years, but she still hasn’t gotten married.When will another man take care of her?”The wife say: “that still not easy?””What do you mean?” asked the man.Wife smile way: “I if remarry, can change a man to raise her.”10, after the start of the military training, the drillmaster in the point, there is a big boy came out and said to the drillmaster, “Drillmaster, I have a backache.Can I ask for leave?””Yes,” replied the instructor.Just then, a man said: “Drill sergeant, my anus hurts.Can I ask for leave?”The instructor said to the two men, “Are you from the same dormitory?Are these swans?

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