Putian: Build digital agricultural science and technology experience demonstration park

Recently, the author observed in the Digital Agricultural Science and Technology Experience demonstration Park of Xiagju Village, Changtai Town, Chengxiang District, bugu Xintian Agricultural Co., Ltd. organized personnel to build steel structure frame, construct membrane greenhouse, cover and level the land after completion, and expect to introduce high-quality papaya and other varieties.The fruit and vegetable greenhouse is part of the company’s plan to build a digital agricultural technology experience demonstration park, covering an area of about 7,000 square meters, with ecological planting of corn, towel gourds, pumpkins, cabbage and cauliflower, according to Xiao Jian, head of the project.Based on digital agriculture, the demonstration park will use drip irrigation, water and fertilizer integration technology, green prevention and control of diseases and insect pests, information technology and digital means to focus on agricultural production, circulation and operation, and improve crop yield and quality.It is reported that the next step, the company will add lotus Pond Moonlight, insect garden and other projects, forming research points, creating ecological agricultural park, with science and technology and characteristic brand boost industrial development, with science and technology energy to help rural revitalization, continue to consolidate and expand poverty alleviation achievements.

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