The devil is in the details

See a phenomenon, since the telephone, let us communicate is not difficult, with the network, so that we can work anytime and anywhere.Sometimes when we need help from a colleague, we will talk to him. If we see him on the phone, should we wait for him to finish speaking?That’s the etiquette of a professional.He doesn’t finish the call, you tell him, if the phone is not soundproof.How would he handle it if the client heard?Let the leadership hear, the leadership will have an idea?That is the most basic etiquette, he does not know to obey, just according to his own thinking, that is a person without etiquette, is also a selfish person.A person who has no manners is very unpleasant, because he has no eye contact. He can leave his seat in his office and go to another office.The door is to knock on the door, others allow in, we will go in.I see he’s in the middle of something. We’ll talk about it when he’s done.He is talking with others, we also need to wait for them to finish the communication, then disturb, is on the phone, also need to wait for him to finish the phone, we can talk with him, these are details in the work, but also the basic quality of us as a workplace.But this is, some people still do not do well, because he has no quality, a person without quality, his image can be good, if it is on behalf of the company, the company’s image will be damaged.The terminator of cooperation is him, the customer knows, the unit may not know, this customer is how to lose.It can be seen that a person without quality, his behavior is how people have ideas, we are not willing to cooperate with him.A selfish person is a selfish person who only thinks about himself and all the starting points are from his own point of view.It’s just a simple act, and it’s all visible.Don’t bother others with phone calls. We know that, but we can’t. It’s like our own business is the most important thing.Even if they have unfinished business, even if they are still on the phone.Because of their arrival, is to put down the hands of things, the hands of the phone.Come and tell him yourself.Think for a moment, there is a first come, last come, we take the bus who first get on, who first seat.You can’t just wait for you, and think, why should I give it to you?You’re in the middle of something, like sorting out a client’s loan, and he shows up and interrupts you, and you’re adding up the numbers, and you say, how do you feel?Must be added again, for he said things, instinct will resist, because he let himself do again, he said, requirements will be in the future.We as a professional, his behavior.We also have to consider their own peacetime work, life, communication, there is no such.If we have to overcome, to correct.We just stepped into the workplace, allow you to make small mistakes, but repeatedly taught, that your career path, is not sesame blossom high.After several years of social struggle, we gradually become an excellent workplace talent will sesame blossom high.Because he is very attentive to details, especially in the workplace, his way of dealing with people is always touching and pleasing.

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