What sound do rats fear most?

The most afraid of mice’s voice is ultrasound, dog, cat and shrill voice, electronic drive is a ultrasonic to scare the mice, mice and these small animals are very good at catching mice, so the rats are very afraid, if you can record the mice in our daily life the voice of the enemy, then can be recycled, it can be the mouse away.What kind of environment do rats live in?Rats live in dark environments, like sewers, toilets, and garbage dumps, and they mostly move between germ-free and germ-free Spaces, so if they come in contact with them, they’re more likely to infect people.In addition, mice eat things very messy, like to eat a lot of things, sweet and sour, bitter and spicy can be very similar to people’s diet, favorite cereal food, research shows that a mouse can eat 9㎏ of food a year.In addition, mice who are out at night activities, and at the time of the day is hiding in the shadows, you also don’t look down upon them, in fact they intelligence quotient is very high, but also very cunning, every time when out activities to ensure they are safe outside, will also establish their own route at the same time, to prevent danger happening.Although mice look terrible, but if you do not attack it, they will not harm you, so in real life we can get along well with them.

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