Agricultural Bank of Texas branch “Qilu rich people loan” solve the problem

As a new financial product with the characteristics of rural revitalization — “Qilu Rich People loan”, recently opened in The Dezhou branch of Agricultural Bank of China, on February 25, the approval of two 220,000 yuan.According to introducing, “qilu enriching people” loan is rural revitalization of the bureau of shandong province joint province agriculture, agricultural bank credit products to the country revitalization of theme, according to the requirements of GSP, wide coverage, commercial promotion, adopt the mode of governance silver bear joint propulsion, using the Internet, big data technology, integrate online mode, never leave the village farmers can enjoy financial services.The product carries out preferential interest rate, low access threshold, simple procedures and easy to accept, the amount of 3000 to 3 million yuan, and the provincial agricultural insurance company to provide guarantee, really solve the farmers guarantee difficult, expensive loans, small three problems, help farmers rich and rich, for rural revitalization into more financial water.It is understood that on February 18, the provincial Agricultural Bank of China “Qilu Rich people’s loan” launch meeting was held, the Agricultural Bank of China Dezhou Branch actively docking city Rural Development Bureau, Rural Dezhou city management center, the organization of each branch customer managers for product training.At the same time, 12 sub-branches also signed cooperation agreements with each county and city rural development bureau and provincial rural Dan county and city office, jointly committed to the promotion of “Qilu Rich people loan” and rural revitalization.On February 25, The 150,000 yuan qilu Fumin Loan approved by agricultural Bank of China’s Leling City sub-branch and the 70,000 yuan qilu Fumin Loan automatically approved by Agricultural Bank of China’s Qihe County sub-branch were successfully distributed to customers.As a result, Agricultural Bank of China Dezhou Branch became the first branch in the province to successfully realize the online and offline business of “Qilu Fumin Loan” in the whole province. I got familiar with the business process and accumulated experience, laying a solid foundation for the promotion of this business in the future.Agbank Dezhou Branch will continue to accelerate the popularization of “Qilu Rich People loan” business, increase support for key areas of rural revitalization, and make new contributions to the overall promotion of Rural revitalization in Dezhou.(Li Guangchao)

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