Zhejiang Tiantai love team: play the vanguard role of party members into the mountains to send warmth in the rain

On the morning of January 23, 2022, Pang Yong, secretary of the Party branch of Tiantai Love Team, led some party members to shanqian Village, Baihe Town, Tiantai County, driving for several hours along the panshan Road in the rain and snow, and visited the veterans of the war of Resistance to the United States and aid Korea in Street Town, Tanling and other places. One of the veterans was already 98 years old.Volunteers delivered rice, cooking oil, milk and meat to the elderly.The old man knew that the volunteers were coming, and even though it was raining heavily, he stood under the eaves early and waited. Although he was old, his memory was still very good. When he saw the volunteers coming, he opened his mouth from ear to ear and kept saying, “You are so far away from me, and come to see me, it really makes me happy…”Secretary Pang yong kindly replied, “This is what we should do. You heroes fought for our country without fear of sacrifice. We will never forget you, not to mention those eventous years.”At he Guangyue’s home, volunteers gave the veteran milk, oil, biscuits and other gifts of consolation.See the old man thinking clearly, healthy, optimistic.During the conversation, he also showed the combat MEDALS and Chinese people’s volunteer certificates to the volunteers. Looking at the red seal of the volunteers, the volunteers were in awe.The person in charge of the activity said that the activity of caring for veterans not only makes veterans feel the warmth of the society, but also inherits the spirit of Anti-Japanese War, passes on the blood of youth, and bears the history in mind.Veterans of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression have made great contributions to safeguarding national independence and national dignity. It is because of their hard work that they have today’s living environment and happy and stable life.I hope the unyielding national will and the lofty spirit of responsibility of the veterans will always inspire our next generation to move forward.(Recorder: Tang Zhiqi) Editor in charge: Wu Di

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