Beauty back to kill | beauty back in this matter, I just can not thin

It was recently announced that spider-man: Homecoming will release its official digital version early from March 22, and the 1:1 blu-ray version will be “in every home” by now.Scarlett Johansson played Black Widow in the Marvel Universe, including the Avengers and Black Widow.The black Widow character is so popular that netizens continue to refer to Scarlett johansson as “Little Sister” in real life.Some people even say “Wow!” to what extent is it beautiful?Is to let NBA star Kevin Durant have drunk Scarlett’s bath water on social media….This meme, has successfully become a praise beauty of the meme ~ showdown, I is greedy people’s body.In fact, in addition to her beautiful face, sister Johansson is also beautiful back, that beautiful back, let alone Durant, is even lijiang merciless envy degree.Want a nice, sexy back like Sister Johansson’s?Continue to look at the conditions of 8 beautiful back, and not enough thin: love rice people can go to see about the painting of the master of the female beauty of the back works: the beauty of the back in common, is that their back is not the kind of thin, but is to have a sense of line, just right.Good-looking back, depend on the trend of skeleton and line, it is fluent and have aesthetic feeling of body structure alone.Not too much or too little meat on your back.If there is no meat on the back, it gives a feeling of overweight.They can even give people the impression of being too skinny.If they are skinny and have prominent bones, they will look a little sick.Before Keira Knightley starred in Atonement, many people made fun of her: thick legs, flat X…All the way to the movie…She wore an emerald dress that showed off her perfect back…A movie, let Knightley officially become countless literary youth heart Muse.It was true, tears of envy streaming down the corners of his mouth.So, what about a nice back?Yes – the natural curve of the back is determined by the line of our spine.The natural back line is curved radian.Beautiful back – not straight flat, but a natural radian beauty.If you want a beautiful back, you should pay attention to the way you sit, walk and stand.[petrochemical] often cross legs, Ge You paralysis, do not exercise or exercise posture is not correct, it is difficult to have a beautiful back!There are two simple ways to relieve the pressure on your spine: -DyingBug- Start with knees bent close to your chest, feeling your lumbar vertebrae touching the floor, and your arms touching the floor early in the exercise.Lower your legs slowly, keeping your lower back tense as you descend.Keep your lumbar spine on the floor at all times, and pull your legs back immediately if you don’t feel it.- Hip bridge – This is a common move.One caveat: The wrong position can cause some of the deeper hip muscles to overexert while the shallow ones aren’t being used.Action instructions are all online…Here’s the main point: always keep your knees and feet straight in front of you, and if you can’t, stop as soon as possible.Head: look straight, do not walk with your head down, the total head down is easy to cause neck muscle strain, causing headaches.Chest: Hold your chest out while drawing in your lower abdomen and hips.Arms: The arms are slightly bent and swing naturally with the pace.Shoulders: Shoulders should be relaxed, neither raised forward nor slouched back.Coxa ministry: do not let the waist assume all the weight when walking, and should put center of gravity in coxa ministry, reduce lumbar burden while, also benefit at the model of coxal abdomen.Ears, shoulders, hips and knees should be in a straight line.Heel first, belly of big toe last off the ground.The center of gravity should be placed slightly forward of the center, with the back straight, pelvis and feet out together with the shoulders and neck.Pay attention to ⚠️1. Land on the heel, but do not rub the ground with the heel 2. Do not tiptoe walk, the calf will become thick 3.Do not kick away, the body’s output point will be unstable 4. Do not collapse waist, compensatory force will make more and more ugly…That’s about it!Weight base is not too big, the back of the meat of the sister, can seriously do the above 3 points, not far from the United States back!!And the weight base is larger, the girl with more meat on the back, on the basis of sticking to the above 3 points, or to adjust the diet structure with weight loss ~ only weight loss, lack of line sense or wrong posture, is not the United States back oh!Correct aesthetic, can be more and more beautiful!

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