Experience Chinese paper-cut culture in Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics Village

According to Wang Hongsen, media manager of Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village, zhangjiakou winter Olympic Village has officially opened since January 27, more than 2200 athletes and delegations from 59 countries (regions) have come to live and live in zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village.In addition to providing high-quality accommodation, catering, medical care, fitness, business and other services for athletes and team officials, in order to enable athletes from all over the world to deeply experience Chinese traditional culture and understand zhangjiakou, the city of the Winter Olympics,Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics Village prepared a special gift for athletes from all over the world — Chinese Yu County paper-cut and “Here is Hebei” “Impression zhangjiakou” exquisite photo album.Wang Hongsen introduced that yu County paper cutting as the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage, in October 2009 UNESCO “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity representative List”.”We combine the Winter Olympics with paper-cutting, taking The National Ski Jumping Center ‘Xueruyi’ and Zhangjiakou Dajingmen as prototypes. Paper-cutting artists cut them with thin white paper with small sharp knives, and then dye them with bright colors to form an ethereal and gorgeous paper-cutting artwork.”This is Hebei contains the province’s long human history, beautiful natural scenery and rich intangible cultural heritage.The “Impression of Zhangjiakou” album contains more than 70 exquisite pictures of Zhangjiakou, from the aspects of history and culture, Beijing and Zhangjiakou, green ecology, industrial promotion, leisure tourism and happiness and livable, so that readers can quickly appreciate the unique charm of Zhangjiakou, the city of the Winter Olympics.With the winter Olympics underway, paper-cut gifts and photo albums have been sent to athletes and team officials, so that everyone can personally feel the Chinese culture and experience the strong atmosphere of peace, friendship and warmth.American snowboarder Tessa Moder and Maltese snowboarder Janice Spiteri, who cried when they heard “Welcome to China” at the opening ceremony, expressed their love for paper cutting and marveled at the expressive power of this traditional art form.Guangming Daily (February 20, 2022 edition 09) [Edited by: Zhang Yuexin]

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