In order to prevent in-service teachers from taking extra lessons outside school, a district has announced a new regulation offering 10,000 yuan to those who report the truth

Grades are the most important thing for students, many people think that students sitting in the classroom, do not have to consider the pressure of life, is the most relaxed type of people.In fact, the current primary and secondary school students, the study pressure is not small.Even primary school students may have their hands full running around various remedial classes and interest classes after school.Facing the high school entrance examination and college entrance examination, it is more difficult for middle school students to have time to relax.In order to ensure grades, after-school tutoring has become the choice of many students, but it also brings many disadvantages.In order to effectively curb this phenomenon, the introduction of relevant regulations, so that many off-campus discipline guidance institutions have been standardized.In addition to training institutions, school teachers are also the object of great concern.If a teacher participates in paid tutoring outside of school, fairness to other students may not be guaranteed.To further prevent this kind of situation, a district announced new rules.In order to prevent in-service teachers from paying to make up lessons, a district regulation: reporting the report can be 10,000 yuan to strictly control the after-school hours, to prevent in-service teachers from making up lessons illegally since the policy was issued, all localities are actively responding.Under effective management, it has indeed been well improved.Some places are more aggressive, such as a city in Henan province, which requires students to write a promise not to attend remedial courses outside the prescribed time frame.Others focus on teachers. Let’s take a look at the district’s new rules on after-school tutoring.First of all, it requires education and training institutions and private tutors.Those who make up lessons at inappropriate times or lack teaching qualifications will be severely punished;Informants in such cases will receive $1,000 after verification.Teachers in schools will be punished if they take part in after-school tutoring, or if they personally pay students for tutoring.According to regulations published by the district, informants can receive rewards of up to 10,000 yuan.Is it necessary for parents and teachers to discuss the rewards for reporting illegal remedial lessons?The vast majority of parents do not agree with the school teachers’ behavior of making up extra lessons privately, so they are very supportive of the restriction of making up extra lessons outside school.A teacher’s duty is to do a good job in school teaching.If other tutoring institutions are added outside the school, it is difficult to ensure the quality of the classroom in the school work with limited energy.In particular, teachers may attach more importance to off-campus “sideline work” when the out-of-school teaching and training institutions offer relatively high tuition fees.Once this happens, it will affect the quality of school teaching and students’ listening to the results.If a teacher tutors a small number of students privately, it may be harder to ensure that the whole class is treated equally.Therefore, parents generally feel that it is necessary to step up efforts to prevent teachers from paying for remedial lessons.In this way, they can reduce the “fluke mentality” and pay more attention to regulating their own behavior.However, some teachers have a different idea.When they see that reporting can get so much reward, some parents may give guidance on purpose, or report problems without enough proof.You may get more unsubstantiated feedback and the verification process takes a lot of effort;For example, there was a primary school student’s father before, because of prejudice against the teacher, repeatedly went to the local complaints.As a result, the staff found that the parents did not tell the truth.For example, when a teacher recommends an exercise book to a student, he assumes that the teacher is promoting the bookstore.In fact, students are free to buy.Although the teacher was cleared and nothing would be done, this process would also delay the teacher’s time and affect the teacher’s work enthusiasm.So some people feel that the amount of reward should not be too high.If the relationship between parents and teachers is bad, it is not good for students, do not make clear the facts do not report teachers as participants in the education cause, play a role of benchmark for students, if they do not strictly abide by the norms of the teacher industry, how to establish their own authority when managing students?Therefore, the majority of teachers need to follow the rules. If they choose to teach in the school, they should not give lectures in other training institutions, and they should not give paid tutoring to the students in the class.And parents of teachers can not naturally hold a “doubt”, there are a lot of excellent teachers, is the suspicion of parents, gradually reduce the enthusiasm for work.What good does that do the students?Parents should not feel the urge to report anything without knowing the facts. Many problems could have been resolved in a more peaceful way.If the teacher is wronged, the most sad may be the students.Topic of the day: What do you think of the district’s rule?(The picture is from the Internet, does not represent the specific person) # Knowledage Season # Want to learn more exciting content, come to the graceful education

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