Jiangsu compact compact party peace political responsibility to let the masses happy and peaceful holidays

China Jiangsu Network news (reporter Huang Wei) During the Spring Festival, the province’s ecological environment system about 3,000 staff on duty, rushed to the front line of environmental quality monitoring, enterprise on-site inspection, illegal behavior investigation, fireworks ban, promote the continuous improvement of ecological environment quality.On New Year’s Eve and the first day of the lunar New Year’s Day, the province combed 163,000 monitoring data, inspected 3,452 sites, found and solved 377 environmental problems, and spared no effort to protect the “festival blue”.The masses celebrate festivals, cadres pass.According to the arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the Provincial Party Committee, during the Spring Festival, all departments at all levels will strictly implement the system of being on duty and leading the shift, and at least one of the leading party and government officials will be on duty, resolutely shoulding the political responsibility of ensuring the safety of the party.According to the relevant departments of the province, since the Spring Festival, all areas of the province have been stable, orderly, happy and peaceful.On New Year’s Eve, Xia Xinmin, acting mayor of Nanjing, inspected epidemic prevention and control, production safety, supply and price stabilization, and randomly checked the on-duty situation of the regional epidemic prevention and control headquarters by telephone.On the first day of the Lunar New Year, Chen Jinhu, secretary of the CPC Changzhou Municipal Committee, went to the General Duty Office of the CPC Changzhou Municipal Committee and Municipal Government to lead the shift, and visited the staff on duty at the HEADQUARTERS of epidemic Prevention and control.Fang Wei, Party Secretary of Lianyungang, visited Xuwei New Area and the municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment to visit the frontline staff and inspect work safety and ecological environment.Reporters noted that during the festival, the party and government at all levels and departments are mainly responsible for comrades to earnestly implement the requirements on duty in the class, pay close attention to the key links, important points inspection guidance, timely scheduling, to ensure that responsibility is implemented to the “nerve end”, measures to the “last kilometer”.Units closely related to people’s work and life will also implement the linkage mechanism for emergency duty.The public security department has increased the input of front-line police and conscientiously carried out security work during the Spring Festival under the situation of regular epidemic prevention and control.Emergency departments of all hospitals in the province are open 24 hours a day, and special teams for epidemic prevention and control, tracing the source of the epidemic, and nucleic acid testing are on standby 24 hours a day.In the first half week of the Spring Festival holiday, the highway network of the province has smooth traffic flow and smooth passage, inseparable from the hard work of the transportation department.During the festival, the province has set up 307 road-clearing stations, 13 fire rescue stations, more than 2000 road-clearing personnel, 227 fire fighters, more than 1200 sets of road-clearing equipment, 26 fire engines on standby, and 28 harbor post stations have been set up in key sections such as Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, Jiangyin Bridge and Sutong Bridge.To ensure that all kinds of emergency quick police, fast arrival, fast disposal.There are still four days left in the Spring Festival holiday, all levels of the province will continue to do a good job in preventing risks, ensuring safety and protecting stability, and ensure that the people have a happy, peaceful and safe holiday.Short & gt;>>Always rest assured, everything hangs in the heart nian Guan Nian guan, the masses New Year, cadres pass.One is clean, the other is work.The former, must strictly abide by the integrity and self-discipline requirements, resolutely put an end to “festival corruption”;The latter, must keep responsibility, keep responsibility, keep responsibility, protect the peace of a party.To ensure the safety of a party, we must anticipate risks and hidden dangers and weak links in advance and take targeted measures to nip them in the bud and tackle them before they emerge.Regular epidemic prevention and control, workplace safety and public safety, and ensuring the supply and price of commodities are all priorities at present.The key is to implement the responsibilities and measures to the post and the head.During the festival, the party and government are mainly responsible for at least one comrade in the class, is to set an example, above the rate, layer upon layer to tighten the responsibility screw.”Everything that can be achieved must be respected;Their defeat will be slow.”In the development of a unit or a place, mistakes must not occur at key nodes and important links.The leading comrades in charge of the Party and government are the “front-line commander-in-chief”. It is true skill to be able to get things done and avoid accidents.Once something happens, no matter how to remedy it, it is difficult to recover the loss.Without the “hard index” of cadres at all levels, where does the “happiness index” of the masses come?Only when party members and cadres are less comfortable and unrestrained can the masses be more comfortable and satisfied.In the face of the arduous tasks of reform, development and stability, we must be both confident and sobering. We must always worry about everything and keep everything in mind. We must have a thorough understanding of the situation, identify problems, take concrete measures, and act decisively in handling them.

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