The Dragons will travel together to the Singapore Grand Slam, which, looking back, is exactly what the Dragons are aiming for

As veteran players like Ma Long, Xu Xin and Liu Shiwen have been absent from the recent major tournaments, we have heard from time to time whether they will retire in the near future.Although all three players have expressed their determination to continue playing in the world on various occasions, and Malone has publicly mentioned his goal of Paris, whether they can really make it to Paris and whether their fighting ability will support them as they get older,Especially for Malone, the favorite to go to another Olympics to complete such a task, everything is still unknown.Therefore, the future career prospects of ma Long, Xu Xin and Liu Shiwen will depend on whether they will be present at the WTF Singapore Grand Slam, which will be held from March 7 to 20.Obviously, the official website of the World Table Tennis Federation (WTF) recently gave fans a reassurance, and officially announced that Ma Long, Xu Xin, Liu Shiwen will be with teammates Fan Zhendong, Sun Yingsha and other top seeds in the world to compete in the event.The veteran players are also full of confidence, with their teammates to participate in the big training in Hainan.Although in recently in macau, game, the performance of the three veteran was mixed, in their respective show some fighting at the same time, also exposed some problems, but given that they have for a long time didn’t pass the training system for a high level of public events, so if after a period of adjustment, believe that there are still to return to the peak in the world.At least they will maintain their ability and status in the world class.One thing we need to remind you of here is that before the Tokyo Olympics even started, Ma Long expressed some personal thoughts through some interviews.I hope that I can participate in more GRAND Slam tournaments held by WTT in the future, but I will try to give more opportunities to young players in ordinary rounds or challenge tournaments, so as to facilitate their training and improvement.For, after all, Malone and Xu Xin and liu shiwen this level of veteran, can take a variety of honor basically has got it again, may now this to them by the end of the career of veterans, is really need to consider more commercial interests, and to the promotion and popularization of table tennis project, as well as enhancing the commercial value of the project.The International Table Tennis Federation has been trying to promote table tennis like the four Grand Slam events. Although the popularity of these two events and their popularity in the whole world are different, they have more space for development and popularization just because of their differences.In addition, the WTT Grand Slam is also quite generous, such as $100,000 for the champion of men’s singles and $12,000 for the champion of doubles.At the same time, the winner will be awarded 2000 championship points.Therefore, not only China Ping masters, even the masters of other associations, from Mimato ITO, Zhihe Zhang, to Boal, Ocharov, Hugo, Lin Yunru, Hayata Hina, Ishikawa Yoshijun, Tian Zhixi, Feng Tianwei and other world-renowned players, are full of desire and expectation for this tournament.From the current arrangement of China Ping coaching staff for veteran players, more and more events that are valuable to young players have begun to allow veteran players to have sufficient rest and adjustment time, and choose to let them give up participating in the competition.However, in tournaments like the WTT Grand Slam, China Table Tennis continues to give opportunities to key players of all ages, including veteran players, and insists on their participation.At least in Malone, Xu Xin, liu shiwen together, like FanZhenDong, Liang Jingkun, ambitious, Lin Wang Chuqin, Chen Meng, Sun Yingsha, Wang Man yu, Wang Yidi, Chen Xingtong these take charge of the players can play their best state, and can get good grades in the game, depends on the nature of their own.

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