The spurs lost to the Warriors in the fourth quarter

One day before the start of the game, the warriors came to a number of players rest, will not appear in the game of the news.That news, spurs fans are naturally happy caper, that the team’s 19th win of the season will be achieved today.As popovich’s younger brother, Kerr seems to want to contribute to popovich’s winning record.Of course, in SAN Antonio’s game history, there are always some surprises.True to form, the SAN Antonio Spurs started with Murray, Whitey, Knicks, Sabre and poettel.The first quarter of the game, the Warriors Poole throw for the Warriors to take the lead, the warriors got the first goal of both sides.The Spurs went on a 9-2 run led by Whitechaminie and Sabre.The Warriors then relied on lee and others to keep it close.The Spurs finished the first quarter with a six-point lead in offensive efficiency.Enter the second section, both sides of the rotation lineup on stage.Primo, the Spurs’ first round pick this year, hit a 3-pointer in the quarter.The Warriors’ rotation also includes an old acquaintance of Spurs fans: Witherspoon, the spurs’ second-round pick in ’19, signed a two-way deal with the Warriors this season.The Spurs went to the locker room with an eight-point lead after halftime on a late-quarter run.The Warriors scored their first points of the second half on a layup by Anderson.The third quarter was marked by a run by the Warriors to cut the lead to one, while the Spurs rallied to take a 104-89 lead at the end of the quarter.Late game, lead the larger the spurs trust must give young players more playing time, but unwilling to failure of jinzhou people fought back, and the spurs players frequently appear error to the mighty counter-attack, finally marley is the warriors with a wave of 18 to 4 points, lead by erosion, come back by the warriors,The Spurs lost 124-120 to the Warriors as Vassell missed a 3-pointer late in the game.Spurs fans will not be in a good mood after losing a game in which the Warriors led by more than 10 points in the fourth quarter against the rest of the rotation.The “hurry up and bust” and “hurry up and trade” arguments are once again filling the fan forums, but this kind of aimless bust and trade will only sink the team deeper and deeper into the mire.Only to build a good offense and defense system, choose the right star, in line with the team culture is the right way to success of a team.There’s no question that the Spurs are on the road to a Renaissance and the young guys are getting better and better.Dejounte Murray has been widely praised by other players and the media in this season’s All-Star voting, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Murray was named to this season’s All-Star reserve team in a few days. The kid who once couldn’t get through half court has become a part of The Spurs’ history.On the second day of the Chinese New Year, many Spurs fans were watching the game while visiting family and friends.But don’t be disappointed with this team because of the loss of this game. After all, the future is still very long, this is only one of many games, and don’t ruin your mood because of this game. After all, life is more than basketball.Finally, on the second day of the Chinese New Year, I would like to send you my best wishes for the New Year: I wish you all a happy and prosperous Year of the Tiger.The year of the Tiger is getting better and better.

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