Warm heart!Shaodong Cao xiang Yan Spring village to centenarian New Year

Rednet moment February 2 – (correspondent Zhao Yufeng Wang Yingshi) “Zou old, happy New Year, happy New Year to you, I wish you longevity and health.”February 1 (New Year’s day) early in the morning, Shaodong City Cao Xiang Yanquan village cadres with 500 yuan red envelopes and gifts came to the village centenarian Zou Ji East home New Year.Respecting the old and caring for the young is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. Yanquan village held the villagers’ representative meeting and the two committee meetings of the village branch to discuss, and took out part of the funds from the collective economic income of the village to send materials and condolences to the 6 respected and senior citizens over 90 years old.On the morning of the first day, village cadres pay New Year’s greetings to the elderly, asking about the elderly’s body and life, chatting with the elderly, giving cash red envelopes and six walnuts to the elderly, so that the elderly feel real warmth.In tang Xueying old people’s home, heard that the village cadres together to pay New Year’s greetings, the old man was very excited, tightly hold the hands of the village cadres to express heartfelt thanks: “thanks to the party, now the day is getting better and better.”When the village cadre left, the old man insisted on walking slowly from the room to the door.”If you have an old man in your family, we hope young people can spend more time with them and show filial piety to them.”Yanquan village branch secretary Wang Changqiao introduced that young people usually spend a lot of time outside, and electronic products are never left in their hands when they return home. They should further cultivate good family style, village style and folk style, guide the masses to show filial piety and care for the elderly, and form a good social fashion.This village pays attention to the civilization creation, the neighborhood is harmonious, the cohesion is strong, once raised more than 800,000 yuan in 2 hours to build the village road.

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