Why did Ms Tsai keep Mr Su in power so far?Taiwan scholar: one is to balance factions and the other is to secure the village

Su Tseng-chang, the controversial head of Taiwan’s civil service, has been in office for more than three years, Taiwan media reported on February 5, becoming the longest-serving head in recent years. His relationship with Tsai Ing-wen has aroused concern.Lin Zhongshan, a former national Assembly deputy who is now a professor of chemistry and Politics at China Culture University, said su’s long tenure can be explained in two words: “One is that Tsai ing-wen wants Su to balance factions within the DPP, and the other is that she wants su to step down safely in 2024.”Su, who has served three years as head of the cabinet, is the longest-serving cabinet leader since he stepped down on September 1, 1997.Lin Zhongshan today (5) interview with Hong Kong media analysis, Chen just “power” in the tang fei of kuomintang party, is to conform to the principle of “law”, balance the kuomintang (KMT), start later, Chen bold use personnel, “Joe” layout using the factions head, such as yu shyi-kun and frank hsieh, all factions management concept.Lin Zhongshan said tsai ing-wen, no generation of experience with the people at the grass-roots level, she is a step by step, by his own strength to win the party’s chairman, so she has a set of their own faction balance method, with lai change of Lin chuan, so change with su lai, by the former is the new trend, the latter is the consideration when candidate is insufficient, Sue helped her win the “election” in 2020,So we continue to use Su, the “defeated general” who lost the 2018 new North mayor election.In response, Lin zhongshan stressed that Su could tell a lot about Tsai’s way of choosing people and how she balanced factions.CAI’s purpose is not to let the “new trend” to take over the administrative organs, and Su is an important leader of a faction, personality is also known for arrogance, by Su in the top seat, and then let you shyi-kun of the “Positive Congress” in charge of the public opinion organs, Chen Ju of the “new trend” in charge of the supervision organs, can let the other factions have nothing to say.As for Tsai ing-wen’s personnel arrangement, Lin Zhongshan said that Tsai, who has more than two years left in her term, does not have many political ideals.Mr Su must also help the DPP win the 2024 “general election” so that his faction has room to grow.

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