Break through the barrier of epidemic!Yuhua District innovatively builds “E platform” core to help building economy

On April 1, Huahua learned from yuhua District Bureau of Statistics that the “E Platform” of Economic data wisdom in Yuhua District (hereinafter referred to as “E Platform”) led by the bureau has been widely praised by users since its trial operation and has been officially launched today.The platform can realize dynamic monitoring and management of key enterprises and commercial buildings in the whole district by means of “online” service delivery for enterprises, forming data-driven intelligent decision-making ability, so that the commercial buildings in the whole district can break through the barrier of “epidemic” and maintain rapid development.During the period of “coincides with the epidemic prevention and control,” e “online, can give full play to the advantages of online platform, timely know building investment intentions, leasing information changes, such as analysis of buildings located enterprises overall economic operating situation, the plateau effect change, to further strengthen the building of fine management level, using big data for building services can assign.”E Platform” can push the information of national, provincial, municipal and district incentive and support policies, newly registered enterprises, government-enterprise exchange activities, business forums and other activities to the building side, providing more and better demand services for enterprises.At the same time, the building can also automatically match the enterprise blacklist through the platform to prevent irregular enterprises from entering.”District bureau of statistics related person in charge told flower flower.According to the introduction, “E platform” to “key enterprises, business building management” as the traction, by building resource sharing, interactive cooperation service platform, comprehensive integration of government data and other related information resources, fully mining data value, activate the potential of data elements, to create a “data center, service center, supervision center”.In front of the platform are enterprises and buildings, while behind the platform are the service sector. The COVID-19 pandemic cannot stop departments from delivering services online, nor can it stop the momentum of production promoting economic development.Next, all departments of Yuhua District will use the network platform to take the initiative to speed up the linkage between government departments through data sharing on the premise of ensuring data security and privacy, so as to help enterprises resume orderly production and improve the precision and quality of services under the situation of epidemic prevention and control.Reporter Chen jing source 丨 zone melting media center The correspondent Xu Yuanbing Love coordinating editor 丨 Tang Jie editor 丨 FuYaMei deputy editor on duty 丨 li lei is on duty editor 丨 bear the rain – END – | party convergence outbreak bear,Promote the development of hard as – to the District organ party organizations and the Majority of party members and cadres initiative 2022-04-01 The more dangerous the more forward!Yuhua Economic Development Zone: One hand grasp the epidemic prevention and control, one hand stabilize enterprise production

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