Can nursing liquid take the high-speed train? Take the train with liquid matters needing attention, lie in a few details

Nursing solution can be carried on high-speed rail, there are several points to note: 1. The packaging material of nursing solution is required, which can be identified by security equipment and has good airtightness;2. Carry-on luggage should not exceed the weight limit (10 kg for children, 35 kg for diplomatic staff and 20 kg for ordinary passengers);3, care liquid is a formal product, with detailed ingredients and manufacturer instructions.Take the high-speed rail, pay attention to the fast development of Chinese railway security detail, there are more and more cities opened high-speed, high-speed railway is different from ordinary rapid railway, in addition to speed, there are more high quality and security service, it all started with station security, although with belong to the category of Chinese railway security, but still a slight difference on the details,For those who often travel by pukuai, they may be slightly uncomfortable, mainly for liquid carry-on items, as follows: 1. Packaging materials:Station for high-speed passenger security, work is very strict and serious, carry-on baggage for passengers has requirements, packaging material, sealing liquid, in particular, is very serious, in kaifeng or packaging material to pass through security equipment identification, will refuse to, for example: during the festival will let passengers to “try” to drink tea, mineral water;In addition to the material and packaging sealing better, the liquid carried should not have irritating smell and leakage of high-speed rail equipment pollution risk, care liquid in these aspects are satisfied, passengers need to pay attention to the sealing of packaging;2, carry-on baggage weight: often travel by plane, train, car and other public tool of friends all know that passenger’s carry-on luggage items in addition to the detailed requirements, railway transportation contraband goods can not be carried in detail, for portable items, in terms of weight and packing size also have specific requirements: child ticket (children eligible) :The total weight of carry-on luggage should not exceed 10 kg.For diplomatic staff, the total weight of carry-on luggage should not exceed 35 kg.For ordinary passengers, the total weight of carry-on luggage should not exceed 20kg.In terms of shape, the sum of the length of the three sides should not exceed 160cm. If it is rod-shaped, it should not exceed 130cm on high-speed rail and 200cm on ordinary buses.Therefore, passengers carrying care solution should also comply with these requirements, total weight and packing specifications of luggage, to meet the requirements of China railway transportation;3, formal product requirements: we know that milk, sesame oil, edible oil, honey and so on are in line with China railway transportation, but for bulk items, will generally refuse to carry, especially during the holidays of high-speed rail, mainly because, can carry items, there is a requirement, must be formal products, such as:Bulk alcohol, cooking oil, etc., because its ingredients are not detailed, there is no detailed information of the manufacturer, equivalent to the “three nots” products, Chinese railway, especially high-speed railway is prohibited to carry, this aspect should also pay attention to;There is no problem for the formal care liquid products to be carried on the high-speed railway on the condition that the packaging is in line with China railway transportation and the carry-on luggage is not overweight.In fact, not only care liquid, other portable liquid also need to meet these details, we prepare in accordance with the requirements before departure, mainly: 1, the luggage is not overweight;2. The packaging material and size meet the requirements;3, packaging sealing is good, do not have the risk of leakage.China’s high-speed rail carriages, which operate in a closed inner circulation mode similar to the cabin of an airplane, have stricter requirements on carry-on items. Items with a strong odor, such as durian and stinky tofu, are also not allowed.

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