Lanshan County actively carried out tobacco seedling thinning and seedling replacement work

Today yongzhou news (Blue Mountain special correspondent Tang Haitao) at present, is the critical period of tobacco seedling.In the tobacco leaf production areas of Lanshan County, the vast number of tobacco farmers have actively carried out tobacco leaf thinning and reseeding work to promote the cultivation of high-quality strong seedlings and lay a solid foundation for tobacco leaf production this year.In the flue-cured tobacco seedling base of Hanjiang and Pengjia tobacco factory in Xinwei Town, rows of seedling trays are seen floating neatly in the water. The green tobacco seedlings have grown into “two leaves of one mind” and are growing happily.The head of the base is guiding the seedling workers busy with small tweezers to smoke seedling, will be too large, too small, too close to the smoke seedling, to the hole for seedling, to ensure that smoke seedling growth uniform.In order to cope with the cold wave and continuous low temperature weather, Lanshan County strictly greenhouse temperature control management and seedling management, took a series of measures, actively protect the tobacco seedling disease and insect pests and low temperature resistance, to ensure that each seedling point grasp the quality of tobacco seedling, ensure the cultivation of sufficient and robust tobacco seedling.According to the statistics of flue-cured tobacco department, this year, Lanshan County plans to plant more than 35,300 mu of flue-cured tobacco and purchase more than 90,000 Dan of tobacco.At present, the county set up a total of 6 seedling factories, seedling 220,000 plates, can meet the 37,000 acres of tobacco planting.

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