Light pursuit | cupping, or acupuncture?The winter Olympics are a hot topic

Were to David tang!Were to David tang!Beijing Winter Olympics is coming!!Yi?In the main media center of the Winter Olympics, there is a popular “Chinese no study”. Even the “flying fish” Phelps is in the pit.NO, NO, NO!”China’s no Learning” hidden here!hi!I see!Cupping is “flying fish” also have a crush on small make up proudly say: “the Chinese JueXue” more than this recruit Chinese medicine with the origin and development of the Olympic Games is more than this time Tokyo Olympic Games the Chinese delegation to eat without “Chinese JueXue” blessings Hou Zhihui wind zhiyong shi of scrapping no wonder here “crooked nuts” most “3 q” soul can cupping?Can you have acupuncture?Can you massage it?Well, not this time but how can you go home empty-handed with your extensive Chinese medicine culture?This time, try tai Chi!Eleanor MacPhail from the UK practiced tai chi with her colleagues: “I actually sweat!”Smoked blind box: “lily unexpectedly is medicinal material?”Don’t underestimate the efficacy of these flowers and plants to cure diseases and save people. “Amazing” was heard one after another. The organizers also prepared small gifts with Chinese herbal elements such as refrigerator stickers, bookmarks, wuqin Opera hand crafts and traditional Chinese medicine seals collection and printing activities.The answer is at the end of the article, the traditional Chinese medicine culture hand in hand with the Winter Olympics seems to be “separated from each other like mountains”, but it has similar advantages. In terms of curing diseases, both sports and Traditional Chinese medicine have unique advantages, that is to help build a healthy China and improve people’s health. Oh, yes, the answer is as follows, did you guess right?Reporter: Wang Chunyan, Le Wenwan editor: Wei Hua, Zhou Xin

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