Renma 2022 | Do you know the volunteers in renma?They will be busy in these positions

On March 20th, the sixth Renma Half Marathon will be held as scheduled. More than 10,000 runners will gather in the field of Renshou Half Marathon.But there are also such a group of people, they come in the morning sun, with the moonlight left, when the runners run, they also stick to the side of the track, do not slack off a moment, silently contribute their own strength.They are renma volunteers from Renshou.They need to go through rigorous pre-competition training before officially taking up their posts.After the official post, they are active in all aspects of the competition to ensure the smooth progress of the competition.Pre-race material distribution zoning inspection and finishing control and finishing material distribution of drinking water and energy supply……They use a service with a smile with the booster “benevolence” passion “benevolence” light up “benevolence” their glamour and every corner of their spirit of volunteerism and warm the whole city thank you every one hard work of volunteers is also looking forward to this year the kernel Marseilles road reporter: see your youth glamour and li-ping xia editor: Liang Juan Tang Ziyuan

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