Shanghai Pudong issued ten questions and ten answers on zoning classification and grid management

On April 2, the Office of the Leading Group for COVID-19 Prevention and Control in Pudong New Area released a 10-question and 10-answer session on the implementation of regional classification and grid management in Pudong New Area, Shanghai.What is the containment area?A: The containment area refers to the grid unit of the residential community (unit, place) involved in the positive infection report and the grid unit adjacent to it.Practice “area, never leave home, door to door” service, infections involving the storied building 14 days closed management measures (since March 28 at 5 meter), sealing centralization in other area of the implementation of the “seven days closed community health management” management + 7 day measures (since March 28 at 5 meter), according to the requirements for nucleic acid, antigen detection,Strictly implement home quarantine measures during the closure management period.What is a controlled area?A: The control area is the other area of the street and town where the containment community (unit and place) is located.”People are not allowed to leave the community and gathering is strictly prohibited”, 7-day community health management is implemented (starting from 5 o ‘clock on March 28), and nucleic acid and antigen tests are conducted as required.In principle, at home, each household can arrange 1 person to the designated area of the community at time-sharing for non-contact distribution of materials every day.Unit duty personnel “do not leave the unit, strictly prohibited to gather”, time-sharing orderly to the entrance of the unit without contact distribution of materials.After regional control, why the combination of nucleic acid and antigen detection?A: Antigens are like the “clothes” on the outside of the virus, and nucleic acids are the genes inside the virus.Antigen tests are faster and more convenient to conduct than nucleic acid tests. They can be used as an additional means of screening specific populations, helping to improve “early detection” capabilities, but nucleic acid tests remain the basis for confirming Novel coronavirus infection.What should we pay attention to when doing nucleic acid test?A: Please wear masks properly, follow the guidance of staff or volunteers, and “move to whichever building you are called to”. When waiting in line, keep A safe distance of at least 2 meters from people around the front and back, and avoid crowding, pushing and cutting in line.Community dweller daily see a doctor and how to make medicine safeguard?A: We will implement A special service team to respond to the demands of the public in A timely manner.We will coordinate medical resources, ensure smooth access to medical services, and ensure the medical needs of the general public, especially those with special conditions such as pregnant women, dialysis patients, radiation and chemotherapy patients, and those with acute or severe diseases.Patients must report to the staff and volunteers in their village in advance, or call the service phone of jiezhen, and jiezhen will call “120” ambulance or arrange a special vehicle for closed-loop transport to the designated medical institution, and the patient will be transported back by a special vehicle after the diagnosis and treatment.Remember that there must be sufficient amount of advance to facilitate medical institutions to prepare for diagnosis and treatment.If there is a shortage of supplies at home, how to solve it?The Pudong New Area will step up efforts to guarantee daily necessities, speed up their allocation and distribution, and ensure adequate supply, stable prices and timely delivery.Part of the online ordering service in the whole region continues to open, and citizens in need of supplies can order goods through e-commerce platform APP, service phone and other non-contact means (but need to reserve a certain delivery time), please make reasonable arrangements.Citizens can contact the street town service hotline, each street town and residential (village) committee will respond in time, practically provide necessary services.After the closure of the community, if there are elderly people living alone, elderly, mobility difficulties and other difficult groups in the community, whether to provide care and service guarantee?The streets and towns will further strengthen the work of life security and care, especially focusing on the elderly with special needs and other key groups, relying on the floor leader, “old partners” volunteers to deliver food and medicine to the door, timely arrangements for medical treatment, psychological adjustment, and try to solve practical difficulties.Can people, such as medical workers, leave the area?Measures such as temperature measurement, code check, registration and identity check shall be strictly implemented for those who need to go out to participate in epidemic prevention and control, medical services, urban operation and emergency response in the enclosed and controlled areas.During the closure of the community, how to do psychological adjustment?A: There are four key points for citizens’ psychological adjustment: hope, letting go, self-discipline and thinking.To have hope is to transform uncertainty into certainty.Understand the requirements of prevention and control, including how to take nucleic acid tests, how to work at home, etc.Having a foundation in mind can greatly reduce anxiety.To let go is to learn to accept reality, to accept yourself, and to accept others.Instead of complaining about conflict, go with the flow and subtract from your life.Self-discipline means that even if you can only do it at home or in the community, you should not be too sloppy in your appearance and work schedule.Self-discipline also includes compliance with epidemic prevention and control requirements.Mindfulness is thinking about the future, imagining a time of happiness, and believing that it will come, no matter how inconvenient the present may be.The COVID-19 situation is grim. What else should be paid attention to in strengthening personal protection?Adhere to the “three-piece epidemic prevention” and “five-piece protection”, do not gather if it is not necessary, reduce going out and calm down.Everyone is the first person responsible for his or her own health, and everyone is a “hu” keeper. We should cooperate with epidemic prevention screening and take good personal protection to protect ourselves, our families and our beautiful home.Source: CCTV News

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