South Korea in the last 16 of the World Cup?Steady?

On the other hand, South Korea, which is in the same group with Uruguay, Portugal and Ghana, has the best chance to advance among Asian teams.Overall, South Korea has a bigger advantage.This team has an experienced coach and a more reasonable age structure.The other three teams have more or less their own shortcomings.Ghana scored just eight goals in eight World Cup qualifiers and was weak in attack.The team is actively courting the naturalized players Odoy and Williams.Ghana’s Achilles’ heel is not a lack of quality on paper, but a common problem for African teams in big matches.That year during the World Cup, big Boateng led the Ghana team chicken fly dog jump, the team and the FOOTBALL association contradictions open, which let the team dismal results.African teams have a history of loose tactical discipline that makes it difficult to hold players together.South Korea has a big psychological advantage against Ghana.Uruguay’s roster hasn’t really changed that much.The centre-back is the ageing Godin, with Muslera on the bench but still fit for the national team.Up front, cavani and Suarez remain.Born in January 1987, Suarez is approaching his 36th birthday during the World Cup.This season, Suarez’s form slump is obvious, has not been as strong as last season when he won the La Liga golden boot.The ageing Cavani has played very little for united this season, only 721 minutes in multi-football and has struggled to keep up his form.Nunez is good, but he has no World Cup experience and in this context it is difficult for the manager to use him as a starter.And South Korea’s two strikers Hwang Ui-joo and Son Heung-min are in excellent form, the team’s central defender Kim Min-jae is very good at provoking the other strikers, perhaps more emotional Ghana national team players and suarez-like strikers will “fall for it”.In these two years of direct matches, The Improvement of The Korean team is obvious.In the 2019 warm-up, South Korea beat Bolivia and Then Colombia.In a warm-up match in January, the team swept the debased Icelandic national team 5-1.South Korea beat Uruguay 2-1 in a warm-up match in October 2018.The South American team fielded stuani and Cavani as their starting strikers.Such a tough experience, so that South Korea has accumulated a lot of confidence, which shows that the team against some South American teams have quite strong competitiveness.Another advantage of the Korean team is experience.Uruguay coach Diego.Alonso has never been in charge of a national team, nor has he played in the Intercontinental Cup.Ghana’s national team is headed by local coach Otto.Addo, the manager who came to put out the fire before the qualifying play-off, had no previous cup experience.Addo even worked as an assistant coach at Borussia Dortmund. There are very few black football managers, and Addo is no exception.It has been 17 years since Bento started his coaching career in 2005.He has a successful track record in Portuguese sport, and bento has also managed Portugal’s national team, including a World Cup and a European Championship, in the knockout stages.With Bento’s knowledge of Portuguese football and his deep connections, South Korea will not be out of luck against Portugal, even if it is not as strong as Portugal.Therefore, South Korea three group matches, at least two games have a greater grasp, compared to the age structure is more reasonable and experienced coach South Korea, is undoubtedly more chances to reach the 16th round of the team.

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