Spring Festival gala actress out of circle modelling: Ma Fan Shu Guan Xiao Tong jing, Wang Ou surprise, by Yang Mi mei

Stars are not idle during the Spring Festival, in each spring night left them or handsome or qian Li figure, especially female stars, who if the United States can come to the circle, that is really won the open year hot!The first is the most watched Spring Festival Gala, the night many female stars beauty on the hot search.The most impressive host Ma Fanshu, the first Spring Festival Gala is not afraid of the field, and even the United States people know.Each of the three sets of models is more beautiful than the last one. The red dress is grand, the white cheongsam is graceful, and the green printing is fashionable. Especially the last set of fashion atmosphere is overflowing, which makes people can not move their eyes throughout the whole process!Clothing selection is an absolute advantage, but also thanks to her own base, hair enough, makeup, makeup is quite good, mouth red bright eye, eye makeup atmosphere, lying silkworm ornament, under the conditions of the right time, Ma Fan Shu became a bright color in the history of the Spring Festival Gala, very impressive!The second is the whole network for coat link zhang Xiaofei, red qi Yang said is her, the level of appearance is really better than a year.But the most eye-catching is her style this time, blue and green velvet coat, color and texture are very advanced, no problem female star temperament wear match!Who says you should dress for Chinese New Year?Zhang Xiaofei’s atmosphere is not enough?Have a lot of people already bought this?Maybe some people are too concerned about liu Tao when they see this sketch, but have you been to liu Tao again?Wearing a red velvet dress, with the dress on the red flowers, plus her plate beautiful smooth, no problem host wind!There were also many beautiful actresses on other TV shows, such as Tiffany Tang, the host of Dragon TV, in her familiar sleeveless gold dress with fringe, which reminded people of the golden Eagle goddess in those days.The second dress is silver white in the light, but the actual color is more advanced. The multi-layer lace lace design is as romantic as a wedding dress. The headpiece and necklace are also very advanced, which is beautiful!Yang Ying on Beijing TV was also eye-catching. She hosted a strapless dress that highlighted her neck line and facial features. The dress design was unique, unlike the traditional style of the traditional host, and there was a little fashion sense and sexy in it.When singing, Yang Ying is another set of modeling, under the pink feather dress, Yang Ying is lively and moving, as if to see the most beautiful color in the sea of pink flowers, hair and makeup are also love, mature sense out!Not all female star on the stage of the Spring Festival gala with the dress, like han in the east spring night is a pea-green suit is very different, in a chic have temperament, a suit is also show the height of han, inornate natural hair style, the color of the novel, saw was han attracted, good-looking!Beijing TV’s Wang Ou is also the same, a blue and purple dress is too unexpected, it highlights the body advantage, plus wang ou’s excellent facial features, no need to be sculpted to attract the attention of the audience.Refined wang Ou is very tall, half exposed legs are also very attractive, too beautiful!Wang Ou second set of flower fairy modelling not as tight skirt to have a sense of surprise, but the United States is really United States, elegant like princess.In this song performance, the eyes were more attracted by Guan Xiaotong, also too surprised, Guan Xiaotong finally wear the right clothes!The Guan Xiaotong when playing show resembles extremely international supermodel to walk dimension secret, a few leaves inserted behind have artistic conception beauty well, and wearing “war gown” feeling also very confident, pink is also very accord with guan Xiaotong to the public feeling, this one has lovely in showing a bit sexy feeling.The appearance level is online, showed the beautiful leg, and wore the right clothes, was really her beautiful!The most must or Yang Mi, in the spring evening Yang Mi wearing an embroidered skirt, but helpless stage lighting is not enough to show the best state of this skirt, but still can see Yang Mi from the close-up slender figure, as well as her full cheeks, the more live the younger feeling ah!In fine repair graph, all beauty of this skirt just be able to show, delicate, luxuriant, supplement each other with the appearance level of Yang Mi, have to admire Yang Mi’s photograph pose, sexy evil spirit is puzzled, figure also is very absolutely, really be flattered by her!Finished watching the spring evening female star circle modelling, have been attracted to them, which female star modelling deeper get your heart?

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