Suzhou Industrial Park has made every effort to build a law-based village

The Judicial Bureau of Suzhou Industrial Park has actively explored new ways to build legal villages, and made continuous efforts in innovating governance forms, enriching legal knowledge carriers, and strengthening legal services, laying a solid foundation for building the “most beautiful window” of grass-roots legal construction in the park.It is to build fine team, activate management vigor.Relying on grass-roots grid governance, speed up the construction of a grass-roots legal governance backbone system led by the Institute of Justice, “resident legal adviser + legal savvy + people’s mediator + comprehensive grid”.We vigorously implemented the project of strengthening and upgrading village legal advisers and the project of cultivating “legally knowledgeable people”, assigning 157 legal advisers to 157 communities and selecting 1,700 “legally knowledgeable people”, among whom 33 were awarded the title of “Excellent Legally knowledgeable people” in 2021 at the municipal level, ranking first in the city.To improve the quality and efficiency of people’s mediation work, we will strengthen and optimize people’s mediation teams, actively organize and carry out professional training, and fully implement the system of awards and subsidies for individual cases.Since 2021, communities have mediated 13,961 cases of conflicts and disputes, and paid more than rmb480,000 to mediators for each case.Second, build solid carrier, strengthen the rule of law culture.It pays attention to exploring regional culture, and focuses on creating “characteristics + legal culture position”. For example, Moon Bay connects the legal culture position of its jurisdiction with points to customize “Moon Bay Legal culture map”.Xitang relies on resources such as “anti-drug education Museum” and “Anti-cult warning education Museum” to build a propaganda base of “safe rule of law”.At present, the district has built a total of 46 special legal culture sites, including 1 provincial legal culture special park, 6 provincial and municipal legal culture construction demonstration sites, 33.We made full use of the cultural position of rule of law to carry out more than 400 publicity activities on the rule of law in various forms, and distributed more than 30,000 copies of publicity materials, creating a ubiquitous atmosphere of “garden, corridor, pavilion, wall, column, hall and corner” for the study of law, setting off a new upsurge in the study and application of law, and the concept of rule of law was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.Third, we need to build a good governance mechanism and brand.We have implemented a new model of law-based governance in communities guided by Party building and guided by law and good governance, launched a project to promote coordinated regional governance, and implemented 12 initiatives aimed at improving people’s wellbeing in communities.Focusing on the characteristics of hostel areas, the grid governance platform of hostel areas was launched, the Management System of Hostel Areas of Youth Communes was issued, and two brands of “legal gas station” and “legal classroom” were created to improve the efficiency of law-based communities.We accelerated the establishment of a “legislative public opinion express train” in various communities, and collected more than 50,000 pieces of legislative proposals, social conditions, and public opinions.A new mode of promoting the rule of law culture with “full audiovisual” has been established, and columns such as “Case-by-case interpretation of the Law” and “aerial radio dissemination of the law” have been set up with the help of wechat public accounts, TV and radio, to promote the concept of the rule of law into the mind and heart.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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