The power of idol | Ao Wu

In the morning, when the whole family was watching the men’s single free skating competition of figure skating team competition, Kim Boyang came out and heard the music. His daughter, who had been sitting on the ground watching the competition, suddenly jumped up and said, “Bolero!”Mama, The background music of Kimbo Is Bolero.”This piece of music, is to learn four years of figure skating she, several times to participate in the grading competition, the coach for her to choose the background music.The music, which subtly connects a young girl who loves ice and snow sports in Wuhan with China’s top figure skater, suddenly gives people a sense of excitement with glory.Jin Boyang, Sui Wenjing, Liu Xinyu, Wang Shiyue…The glittering names of the Chinese figure skating teams are like gods in the eyes of many children who are learning to skate, and are also their initial heart for ice and snow sports.My little daughter, after she began to learn figure skating for some time, she thought about giving up because of slow progress, difficult movements and strict coaching. But it was because she watched yuzuru Hanyu’s amazing performance on TV that she had her first idol in life and the strength to persist.Not only sports fans, many professional athletes, but also because of their idols on the career path.In the official introduction of Jin Boyang, the name of Hanyu Yuanyu is written in the “idol” column. It is the driving force that inspires jin Boyang to surpass himself and step up to the top step by step to play the “strong voice” of Asian figure skating men’s single player on the stage with his idol.Hanyu’s hero was Plushenko, who used talent and hard work to strut his stuff on the international stage, earning the respect of Plushenko, who said in an interview that he had become a king, a great champion.Life can have a few moments like this, try your best to win the hero cherish the hero, belong to the real king.It is these athletes who are inspired by idols and never give up their ambitions that let us see the wonderful moments when human beings surpass their limits again and again, getting higher, faster and stronger.Appreciate you, learn from you, and surpass you!This, perhaps, is the charm of sports.(Changjiang Daily reporter Xu Lu) More exciting content, please download the “Big Wuhan” client in each major application market.

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