A 12-year-old boy fell into the Wujiang River and was rescued by water firefighters

On the morning of April 3, a 12-year-old boy fell into the river while playing near wujiang wharf, Tuanjie Street, Yanhe Autonomous County.Fire and rescue workers who were patrolling nearby jumped into the river and successfully rescued the boy.At 9:50 in the morning, yanhe autonomous county fire rescue brigade water quick counter-squad officers as usual, is on duty patrol along the Wujiang River.Suddenly, patrol personnel found not far ahead of the river, someone is constantly beating the water.”No, someone is in the water!”Without much time to think, the fire and rescue personnel immediately ran to the location of the drowning, two firefighters jumped into the river, quickly swim to the drowning person.A fire and rescue worker was the first to reach the drowning man, holding his head out of the water with his hands to keep him breathing normally.Soon, another firefighter also swam over, together with the two men, successfully rescued the drowning boy ashore, and dialed 120, by the emergency personnel to send the boy to the hospital for treatment.After the successful rescue, it was learned that the boy was about 12 years old. The sun was shining in the morning, and the boy came to play beside the Wujiang River.Accidentally stepped on the bank of the wet moss, temporarily lost his footing, slipped into the river.Fortunately, the scene was spotted by firefighters patrolling this section of the river.At present, the boy is out of danger.It is understood that the water fast response team of Yanhe Autonomous County Fire and rescue Brigade was established in June 2021. Every day, five fire and rescue personnel patrol along the Wujiang River to deal with all kinds of emergencies and water hazards.Over the past year, they have been involved in handling emergency situations and rescuing drowning people more than 30 times.Guizhou Daily Sky eye news reporter Ren Yong editor Hao Meng editor Zhao Hongbin Zhang Chuanbao

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